Married Life and Hair

Is it Friday yet? I’m so tired. I just want to sleep in tomorrow, but I have class at ten and leaving home at 9:30 doesn’t cut it. I arrived five minutes late on Tuesday.

So anyway, Sunday, Dan the Man and I arrived in his metallic blue Asian made vehicle loaded with all his things and me. We ate dinner which consisted of Whataburgers that made him sick and attempted to take a nap. When he announced that Desperate Housewives would be on in ten minutes, I put on some shoes and helped him start bringing in his things. My room now looks like some kind of thrift shop with all the boxes and stuff. Maybe this weekend we’ll do more unpacking.

I don’t have much to say about “married life” because well, I’ve only been living it for a couple of days. It is weird, but only because it is different. There’s no trying to fit in as many hugs or kisses as possible before a heart aching, tearful goodbye.

On another note, Cindylu has a cute new ‘do. Her entry made me think about my own hairventures. I’ve had my hair short for about five years now. When I say short, I mean short, like guy short. I cut it one afternoon after work. It was probably mid-summer and it was really hot. When I got off work, I drove down to the place where I used to cut my hair and told the lady to cut my hair like the girl in the picture over her station. She reeked of garlic and said, “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I said, giving her the defiant look I give people who question me while I questioned my choice.

When she was done, she said, “Wow, it actually looks really good.”

I fell in love with my short ‘do. From then on, I vowed to keep my hair short. Not only do I not need a brush, I don’t need a blow-dryer, curling iron or large chunks of hair styling time. I wash, rinse, gel and go.

Dan the Man has asked that I grow it out, but I won’t. I attempted once but once it started curling and the cowlicks got hard to control, I was off to the beauty shop in a flash. Sometimes I long for long hair. I long to run a brush through my hair dozens of times or pull it back in a ponytail, but then I remember that my hair looks like some animal nest when it’s long and the longing goes away.


Gwen said...

Your hair is like my cousin's. She looks best in short hair, too. Maybe Dan can buy you special-occasion wigs if he wants long hair so much.

cindylu said...

Isn't cutting your hair kinda addictive. I swear I wanted it long and then I went and had my tia cut it short.

La Brown Girl said...

Hah! That's such a great suggestion Gwen.

It is extremely addictive Cindylu, especially when you're all about the no fuss.

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