The Funk

I’ve started numerous entries in the last few days; however, once I get the second paragraph, I shut down the window. I’m in The Funk again. I don’t know why. It’s been gorgeous outside. Saturday, I spent the day at the beach with my girlfriend. There was great conversation, a little reading, and a lot of thinking.

Spring break kicked off Friday, but I didn’t do anything special to commemorate my last Spring break as an undergrad. I know I have to spend my week studying because next weekend is when the shacking up happens. I’m tempted to take a day off to write, but I know I’m not going to write. I’m going to sit at home and watch TV or surf the net or something completely useless.

I think I’m going to the movies tonight. My girlfriend wants to see The Sea Inside. I may go see it with her, or I may go see Bad Education. I’m not sure yet. The cool thing about the Angelika is that it doesn’t really matter if you’re alone. It’s not like going to Tinsle Town or AMC where its tons of teeny boppers that are there in large groups so that even if you’re in a small group, you still look odd.

I think I need to be out to get past this funk. It just seems like I’m surrounded by negativity. Maybe I just need a new boyfriend.

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