It's been a hard day's night

You know what is better than Red Bull and all those other energy drinks combined? Coffee w/ coke. Yeah, it tastes a little crappy, but it’s been the best recipe for all nighters. Tonight will make the third all nighter this week. I can’t wait for tomorrow night! Right now, I think I have more caffeine in my body than blood.

In other news, I was reading this article on Pachucas, and it was interesting how even the “v-girls,” who were the women who had sex with the troops, essentially patriotic prostitutes, were seen more positively by Anglo America than the Pachucas. I know this should not surprise me, which it doesn’t, but I think it’s neat how all this racism eventually surfaces.

In other news, I taught my Canadian friend to say, “Chale homes.” I’m amazed at how well he uses it. It makes me feel like there is hope.

Well, I’m off to turn in my pocho take home midterm for my Latino Lit class. I feel for the person who has to read it.

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