Married Life and Hair

Is it Friday yet? I’m so tired. I just want to sleep in tomorrow, but I have class at ten and leaving home at 9:30 doesn’t cut it. I arrived five minutes late on Tuesday.

So anyway, Sunday, Dan the Man and I arrived in his metallic blue Asian made vehicle loaded with all his things and me. We ate dinner which consisted of Whataburgers that made him sick and attempted to take a nap. When he announced that Desperate Housewives would be on in ten minutes, I put on some shoes and helped him start bringing in his things. My room now looks like some kind of thrift shop with all the boxes and stuff. Maybe this weekend we’ll do more unpacking.

I don’t have much to say about “married life” because well, I’ve only been living it for a couple of days. It is weird, but only because it is different. There’s no trying to fit in as many hugs or kisses as possible before a heart aching, tearful goodbye.

On another note, Cindylu has a cute new ‘do. Her entry made me think about my own hairventures. I’ve had my hair short for about five years now. When I say short, I mean short, like guy short. I cut it one afternoon after work. It was probably mid-summer and it was really hot. When I got off work, I drove down to the place where I used to cut my hair and told the lady to cut my hair like the girl in the picture over her station. She reeked of garlic and said, “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I said, giving her the defiant look I give people who question me while I questioned my choice.

When she was done, she said, “Wow, it actually looks really good.”

I fell in love with my short ‘do. From then on, I vowed to keep my hair short. Not only do I not need a brush, I don’t need a blow-dryer, curling iron or large chunks of hair styling time. I wash, rinse, gel and go.

Dan the Man has asked that I grow it out, but I won’t. I attempted once but once it started curling and the cowlicks got hard to control, I was off to the beauty shop in a flash. Sometimes I long for long hair. I long to run a brush through my hair dozens of times or pull it back in a ponytail, but then I remember that my hair looks like some animal nest when it’s long and the longing goes away.



My nerves are on edge. I have that test in a couple hours and even though, last night, when I went over my study guide, I knew about 95% of the info, I’m still really nervous. I always get so nervous for these damn things. I hope I don’t walk in there and forget it all.

Anyway, I’m writing on this fin morning because these are my last hours as an “I live alone woman.” Well, I know I have a roommate, but still. This evening, I’m flying up to Dallas to meet Dan the Man. Excited? Yes.

I can’t help but feel like I slacked in this whole process. I mean, I’ve been with him for years now, but it somehow feels like I should have had some wild orgy or something as a “going into shackdom” gift. I guess it’s because things are so marked between us. I’m sure if we’d been living in the same city this whole time, the transition would have been slow. He would have left a toothbrush, then a shirt, later a pair of shoes, his favorite mug, one of his football jerseys and so on. I’m a little nervous because there’s a whole new cast of characters that I’m going to meet, like his best friend of years and his oldest sister.

*Attention Cracked Chancla*
I would like to thank you for making me write about meeting Poniatoska.

Bueno, I gotta go to the post office, my graduation invitations are in. Que tengan buen día.


Me descubrieron

I wasn’t exactly hiding this blog. It was more like concealment. You know, from Buller and Burgoon’s deceit strategy (I’m freaking out about this Comm theory test, can you tell). Anyway, I didn’t plan on telling people, but if they found it, that’d be cool too. I’m long past the aspiring Blog Diva stage. I keep this blog because I enjoy it.

Now, two very important people in my every day, face to face (ha! Interpersonal Communication!) life know that I am indeed La Brown Girl.

To those of you who were wondering who I am and if I really exist, I am who I was believed to be and I do exist.

Here you are Cracked Chancla

The Crud has caught me! I wake up each morning with a dry, scratchy throat that makes me want to reach under all the fat, skin and muscle of my throat and tear it out. Crud, I hate you. I hope you know that.

Anyway, because you asked for it, here it is Cracked Chancla (by the way, I love that name).

My Sunday evening began with a trip to Border to find nothing written by Elena Poniatoska. I don’t buy that many books because you know, I’m usually broke, and well, I can borrow them from our mega library at school. So anyway, while in Borders, I get a call from the Mexican Consulate woman asking me to pick up Elena at The Menil. Of course, it took her saying it a couple of times to understand what the heck she was saying. I arrive at The Menil with J.P., who almost pissed in his pants when told that Poniatoska would be in our class. We walk around the Menil a few times and can’t find her. Finally, we walk back to the big round gray pillow/couch in the lobby to see her, Poniatoska, sitting there. She was happy to see us because she thought we had ditched her or something.

Dinner was good. We went to this Italian place downtown. Of course, there were tons of dumb and irritating questions asked like, “How is Mexico?” To which she replied, “Muy mal, muy mal.”

J.P. and I looked at each other with the same, “what kind of fucking question is that” look. The red neck man sitting at the next table couldn’t stop staring at Poniatoska. I gave him a couple of evil glares. I know he didn’t know who she was, but I think he got that she was someone important if all these people had dressed up and seemed immensely interested on her every word.

When dinner was over, J.P. and I drove her back to the hotel. She was amazed at the city. Kept saying how beautiful it is but how odd that people were not out and about. She also loved our useless Metrorail and wondered if she could ride it all day Monday.

Monday, I was to pick her up for the class presentation. Again, J.P. went with. I figured it’d be a good idea because he could go in and ask for her while I waited in the “getaway” vehicle. When we got to the University, the room where the class would be held, was closed. They claimed no one had reserved anything and made us wait a whole half hour. When they finally let us in, she read about five different pieces. The last one was on the earthquake of 1982 and it was…amazing. I sat in my chair, captivated by the images and feeling that her words were causing.

After that, we took her to lunch at the same restaurant where she would dine later that night. During all this, I was calling my sister to check on her status. She was unable to make it to the class because she felt really bad. She caught the Crud too. I called her after I dropped off Poniatoska at the hotel and my sis asked me to take over her evening duties with Poniatoska. She thought it was some huge burden on me.

It was funny because when I dropped her off, I told her my sis would be picking her up and she said, “Ya me habia acostrumbado a Georgina.” It was good she didn’t have to change. When I picked her up, I took her the belt she had asked me to get because the shirt she would be wearing was too big and it made her look “pregneant.” I draped her coat over her shoulders and she said, “Me quidas como a tu abuelita.”

I took her back to the said restaurant and had dinner with the people who would be introducing her, the Inprint guy and Judith Ortiz Cofer. After dinner, we headed over to the auditorium and I mingled with my boss, Dr. NK and such. Elena had to go to the restroom, and my roommate, who had been with us the whole time, went upstairs to get something from her office. (Our offices are in the same building as the auditorium.) I was standing at the foot of the stairs which is also where the restroom is, so when Elena came out she said to me, “¿Ya vamos?” Just then NK came over and so we all walked into the auditorium. NK invited me to sit in the reserved section, but I told him I would sit off to the side because I was waiting for my roomie.

I said goodbye to Poniatoska when she signed my book which says:

A Georgina,

Mi angel de la guarda
Mi hada madrina
Mi compañera
Generosa y dulce

De corazón agradecido

Elena Poniatoska Amor


Meeting Elena Poniatoska...

was by far, the most amazing thing in my life. She is the most humble, modest, intelligent and stunning human being I have ever met. I can't tell you all the details because I'm pressed for time. However, if you really want to know, let me know. I'm still walking on clouds about the whole thing. I mean, me, la hija de una gata, actually got to rub elbows with the "grande dame" of Mexico.


Mushed Brain and Unveiling a Secret

I just watched four and a half hours of Introduction to Communication Theory DVD’s, great fun! My brain feels like mush. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m either getting a cold or allergies. I did fill out more than half of my review sheet, so score for me. Now, all I have to do is write two papers and short response paper to a reading I did long ago.

Anyway, I was keeping this under wraps because it seemed so surreal, but since it is the eve of, I must share. Tomorrow evening, I will be dinning with…drum roll please…the one, the only, French-born Mexican Elena Poniatoska. I feel like I mentioned it before. Anyway, how did this come about? Well, this Thursday, Alicia Gaspar de Alba’s fictionalized account of a Juárez murder was pre-released in El Paso. The novel is called Desert Blood. Anyway, my sister went to the events and to I guess sell copies of the novel. Meanwhile, the Houston Inprint is having its Brown something or other readings and is bringing in Judith Ortiz Cofer and Elena Poniatoska. Well, Cofer is getting all the attention from the haughty UH Creative Writing Program, and Poniatoska was sort of being pushed to the side. So, the Modern and Classical Languages Department took it upon themselves to do stuff with Poniatoska. Since my sister is one of the Spanish professors, she planned a dinner with the students and asked if I would like to go. So I am to pick up Poniatoska and drive her to dinner as well as to our class on Monday. She’s also doing a guest lecture in my Latino Lit class. Can you believe that? It’s surreal. I hope I don’t get too nervous and ramble like an idiot or say nothing.


I fought the law and the law won

Yesterday, as I drove to the courthouse, I had dreams of telling them all to go screw themselves because I know the law…apparently, I don’t.

When the judge called me up to the bench, she only brought up the no license plate thing. I thought it was weird, but figured she just read the first paper. Well, this prosecutor came in to basically explain our options because it was a pre-trial and I inquired about the speeding ticket. He asked the judge and she asked the guy on the computer next to her bench to look it up. It turns out that the great employees of the City of Houston set me up for two different dates for each ticket. The other court date had been on the 15th even though my paperwork said the 17th. There was a warrant for my arrest. I was quickly sent back up stairs to the maze of windows to get things worked out. In the end, my wedding budget is now $427 less because of their fuck up. I don’t think I can even convey how angry this makes me. I know I should have fought it, but I was scared shitless of going to jail and wanted to get it all over and done with.

I am so smart! S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-R-T!

You scored 100% Beginner, 93% Intermediate, 87% Advanced, and 61% Expert!
You have an extremely good understanding of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level commonly confused English words, getting at least 75% of each of these three levels' questions correct. This is an exceptional score. Remember, these are commonly confused English words, which means most people don't use them properly. You got an extremely respectable score.

Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog: http://shortredhead78.blogspot.com/.

More on my court drama later...


Yoyo! (Meme!)

I stole this from the one and only, Gwen.

1. What time did you get up this morning?
4:30 am and then again at 7:34 am

2. Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds! I love sitting in the sunlight and watching the reflection change colors.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Eh…oh yeah, Million Dollar Baby

4. What is your favorite TV show?
CSI I want me a piece of that Grissom. I heart smart guys.

5. What did you have for breakfast?
2 sausage and jalapeño kolaches

6. What is your middle name?

7. What is your favorite cuisine?
So many, Thai, Italian, Mexican (done right), Chinese….

8. What foods do you dislike?
Chewy seafood. I don’t want to think I’m eating rubber. Oh and anything that involves blood clots.

9. What kind of car do you drive?
A 92 Pontiac Bonneville, woohoo! I’m ready for old age!

10. Favorite sandwich?
Torta de milanesa con aguacate y jalapeños.

11. What characteristic do you despise?
Indecisiveness, especially when you end up wasting my time.

12. Favorite item of clothing?
My Roxy shoes.

13. If you could go anywhere in the world for a holiday, where would you go?

14. What color is your bathroom?
White with purple accents

15. Favorite brand of clothing?
Anything that fits.

16. Where would you like to retire?
El Paso, Texas

17. Favorite time of the day?
9:00 PM, I get to talk to Dan the Man at that time…well, when he’s not mad at me.

18. What was your most memorable birthday?
Oh man, so many, but I guess I’d have to say the year that I turned 20. My mom went to this flower shop downtown and bought me two dozens of long stem red roses. *sniff* I miss my mom.

19. Where were you born?
Hospital Cruz Roja, Cd. Juárez, Chihuahuah, Mexico

20. Favorite sport to watch?

21. What are you wearing right now?
A black v-neck t-shirt, some blue jeans that flare nicely, my black payless shoes and my green Swatch watch. The unmentionables, well, e-mail me if you want to know.

22. What star sign are you?
The twins, Gemini.

23. What fabric detergent do you use?
Gain, it smells hot.

24. Pepsi or Coke?
Pepsi please.

25. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

26. What is your shoe size?

27. Do you have any pets?
Yes, Javi, my pescadito and my roommate has Moksi, a Rotweiler-Lab mix, but she’s kinda mine too.

28. Any new exciting news you'd like to share with your family and friends?
I get to see Daniel in less than a week and I’m very proud for almost being done with college!
Oh and I’m reading at a conference, I’m reading at a conference.

29. What did you want to be when you were little?
A teacher

30. What will you be doing today?
Going to court at three then I don’t know. Depends at what time I get out of that hell hole.

31. What is your favorite quality about yourself?
I’m giving.

32. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Moolenium Crunch!

33. What is your favorite CD at the moment?
Intimamente by Intocable

34. Best compliment you ever got:
When I graduated from high school, my freshman math teacher, Mr. Hinz, went up to me after the ceremony and give me a big hug and said, “You’re super kid.” I’ll never forget that. :)

35. Are you superstitious?

36. Favorite thing to cook/make?
Mexican rice, the way my mom does it.

37. Favorite quote:
”Are you having a private summer sweetheart?”

38. Favorite movie:
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

39. Favorite book:
One Hundred Years of Solitude

40. Hardest lesson ever learned:
I’m not invincible.

41. Something you would recommend to everyone to do at least once:
Smell a brand new book. It’s addictive.


¿Qué ondas esos y esas? How have ya’ll been? I hope well. I’ve been here…doing nothing really. I haven’t done more then 53 pages of reading for my classes. Yeah, it’s spring break.

I slacked off all last weekend. I went to the beach, to a friend’s house for dinner, watched some movies (among them 21 Grams…finally!), read some great blogs, and attended my writer’s group meeting. Since it is now Thursday, I plan to buckle down and get to work so I don’t pull all-nighter’s like I did last week. This afternoon, after court, I plan to do just that.

The dog is back in the house. I didn’t realized how much I missed her until now. She’s such a lovable idiot. It wasn’t until last night, at about eleven, that she let me know that she missed me when I rubbed her belly. She just laid there and let me rub away and gave me that special look. Yeah, it’s all in my head I guess.

Anyway, oh yeah, court today @ 3 pm for a speeding ticket and not having my license plate attached to my front bumper which has been “a law since the 1800’s” (Cop who gave me ticket monologue). Yep, there is an example of Houston’s finest. Thank God policing doesn’t…wait…nevermind.

I have two other pieces of news that are in no way related. The first is that I’ll be reading at the XVI Border Symposium, well, that’s the wrong name, but humor me here, it’s 4:34 AM and I just can’t go back to sleep thinking that I still have to attach a damn license plate. Anyway, I submitted this piece called La Gata and I got the e-mail last night that I could read. I’m taking some JD in my suitcase to chug before I read so I don’t sound like a goat. The other piece of news is that I’m going to be an aunt for the 10nth time. Yes, yay! But at the same time, chale homes! I wish it would have been my sister, but it’s my brother with his young wife (the girl is younger than me and Jorge is 9 years older than me!). I just hope she has a girl and that she doesn’t act like it’s the end of the world if you touch her without washing your hands.

Bueno, los dejo, que se la pasen bien.


The Funk

I’ve started numerous entries in the last few days; however, once I get the second paragraph, I shut down the window. I’m in The Funk again. I don’t know why. It’s been gorgeous outside. Saturday, I spent the day at the beach with my girlfriend. There was great conversation, a little reading, and a lot of thinking.

Spring break kicked off Friday, but I didn’t do anything special to commemorate my last Spring break as an undergrad. I know I have to spend my week studying because next weekend is when the shacking up happens. I’m tempted to take a day off to write, but I know I’m not going to write. I’m going to sit at home and watch TV or surf the net or something completely useless.

I think I’m going to the movies tonight. My girlfriend wants to see The Sea Inside. I may go see it with her, or I may go see Bad Education. I’m not sure yet. The cool thing about the Angelika is that it doesn’t really matter if you’re alone. It’s not like going to Tinsle Town or AMC where its tons of teeny boppers that are there in large groups so that even if you’re in a small group, you still look odd.

I think I need to be out to get past this funk. It just seems like I’m surrounded by negativity. Maybe I just need a new boyfriend.


Late-night PBS Education

At odd hours of the night on PBS, they show those distance ed classes. Right now, there’s some kind of Ancient History class. I’m watching because she’s talking about Caesar, Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Last semester, I took a Shakespeare’s Major Works class and among the various reading assignments, one of them was Antony & Cleopatra.

This professor was flipping through her textbook showing pictures of the statues. When she showed one of Cleopatra, she said, “She was not very pretty. As you can see, they did not make her to look beautiful.” Gah!

I almost screamed at the television! How does she know she wasn’t pretty, did she see real pictures of her? She’s totally dismissing the fact that she was not considered beautiful because of the whole concept of orientalism. She was considered to have dark beauty. In many ways, it’s similar to what we Chicanos face when it comes to history. La Tulles, the saloon owner in Santa Fe, was considered to be hideous by a lot of the gringos coming into the area. Because these women didn’t have the same kind of agency, people like this woman, continue to make comments like that without even blinking. ¡Que horror! Chale homes, ya mejor me voy a oir mi disco de Intocable.


Vatos @ The Daily Cougar

Sometimes, I really like them.

It's been a hard day's night

You know what is better than Red Bull and all those other energy drinks combined? Coffee w/ coke. Yeah, it tastes a little crappy, but it’s been the best recipe for all nighters. Tonight will make the third all nighter this week. I can’t wait for tomorrow night! Right now, I think I have more caffeine in my body than blood.

In other news, I was reading this article on Pachucas, and it was interesting how even the “v-girls,” who were the women who had sex with the troops, essentially patriotic prostitutes, were seen more positively by Anglo America than the Pachucas. I know this should not surprise me, which it doesn’t, but I think it’s neat how all this racism eventually surfaces.

In other news, I taught my Canadian friend to say, “Chale homes.” I’m amazed at how well he uses it. It makes me feel like there is hope.

Well, I’m off to turn in my pocho take home midterm for my Latino Lit class. I feel for the person who has to read it.



I very well could be working on the two midterms I have to complete by Wednesday and Thursday, but what’s the fun in that. Instead, here are the things I have done to take my mind off such hideous tasks:

Made myself fried eggs: approximately 20 minutes (preparation and consumption) I fried them in a little bit of olive oil. When I say a little bit, I mean like a tablespoon. I accompanied them with that Mrs. Brairds nutty bread that I just love. I toasted it too so it’d be like the breakfast my oldest sister used to make me when I was four.

Called Daniel: exactly 104mins 16 secs Right after I indulged myself with this spectacular homemade breakfast, I called him knowing that he’d probably be sleeping because he’s not working today so he probably stayed up all night. In any case, he was glad to hear from me.

Online surfing: approximately 2 hours I’ve been googling some of my issues. I found nothing interesting.

Ate Snickers Ice Cream: don’t know amount of time since I was surfing the net. I ate a lot of it right out of the carton. It’s yummy.

Took a shower: approximately 20 minutes. I decided I would indulge in my ever fragrant jasmine and rose scented body wash that I only use when I work out. However, when I was squirting in onto the poof, I found out that I had grabbed the body lotion instead of the body wash. I was forced to use the regular old body wash I always use.

Typed up this entry: approximately 15 mintues. I’ve been talking to Billy while I do it so that’s why its’ taken so long.

I don’t know how much work I will do. I mean, I do need to buckle down and work, but well, I think this headache needs some caffeine preferably in the form of a diet coke which will require ice from the freezer which means I’ll have to refill the ice trays. Also, I need some lunch. I intend on eating tuna, but I like mine with diced jalaps which means my hands will need to be washed numerous times. I also need to throw out all the dead flowers around the apartment and make my bed. Oh, I almost forgot about the sheets in the dryer that I must fold today. I also need to wash some clothed.

I figure I’ll waste another three an a half hours before I start working on these damn midterms. I have serious issues.


Si el Norte fuera el Sur

I don’t think Javi likes it when I clean out his fish bowl. He was pretty pist when the green net chased him around his bowl. I think he finally gave up because he must have remembered I did the same thing last week. After I cleaned the bowl and replaced his black rock with white aquarium gravel, I put him back in and gave him a few pellets of food which he avoided for about ten minutes before floating up to the top to eat them. Now, he’s filling his bowl with little bubbles.

I’ve been listening to “Si el norte fuera el sur” by Arjona. Last semester, for a presentation in my Spanish class, I played this song. I had to present on something about Guatemala so I chose to talk about Rigoberta Menchú. I talked about all the drama with her book and stuff. At the end, I played this song to tie it all together.

It is interesting to wonder what would have happened if was the Spanish who won instead of the Britts. I’m sure we wouldn’t be the same people. I think Latinos are obviously characterized by our struggles. It helps make us the people that we are and had it been the other way around, I think Arjona is right:

El norte sus McDonald's, basketball y Rock'N Roll
Sus topless, sus Madonas y el abdomen de Stallone
Intelectuales del bronceado, eruditos de supermercado
Tienen todo pero nada lo han pagado.
Con 18 eres un niño para un trago en algún bar
Pero ya eres todo un hombre pa' la guerra y pa' matar
Viva Vietnam y que viva Forest Gump
Viva Wall Street y que viva Donald Trump
Viva el Seven Eleven.
Polvean su nariz y usan jeringa en sus bolsillos
Viajan con marihuana para entender la situación
De este juez del planeta que lanza una invitación
Cortselo a tu marido y ganarás reputación.

Las barras y las estrellas se adueñan de mi bandera
Y nuestra libertad no es otra cosa que una ramera
Y si la deuda externa nos robá la primavera
Al diablo la geografa se acabaron las fronteras....
Si el norte fuera el sur serían los Sioux los marginados
Ser moreno y chaparrito sería el look ms cotizado
Marcos sería el Rambo mexicano
Y Cindy Crawford la Menchú de mis paisanos
Reagan sería Somoza
Fidel sera un atleta corriendo bolsas por Wall Street
Y el Ché haría hamburguesas al estilo Double Meat
Los yankees de mojados a Tijuana
Y las balsas de Miami a la Habana, si el norte fuera el sur.
Seríamos igual o tal vez un poco peor
Con las Malvinas por Groenlandia
Y en Guatemala un Disneylandia
Y un Simón Bolivar rompindo su secreto
Ah les va el 187, fuera a los yankees por decreto.
Las barras y las estrellas se aduñean de mi bandera
Y nuestra libertad no es otra cosa que una ramera
Y si la deuda externa nos robá la primavera
Al diablo la geografía se acabaron las fronteras....
(Se repite 2 veces)
Si el norte fuera el sur, sería la misma porquera
Yo cantara un Rap y esta canción no existira.


I Called in Sick

I took the day off. I felt really guilty about calling in sick because although I have the headache from hell and my stomach feels like I just got the worst news possible, I still feel like I should be at the office.

Even though I’m often told that I work more hours than I get paid for and no one ever tells me anything if I need to take some time off, I still feel bad. I called Daniel before I called in and he convinced me to call in and try to go to the dr. I didn’t go to the doctor, but one out of two ain’t bad.

My sister has called me twice. I haven’t slept much, the aspirin aren’t helping and lunch didn’t help either. Anyway, don’t buy any wine from the Fiesta on the SW side of Houston and listen to the optometrist when s/he tells you to wear your glasses all of the time.


Wine Talk

I went to the grocery store after work today to pick up some last minute ingredients for a dish I was making. On Monday, I bought a bottle of wine, and I was down to one glass. I thought it would be a good idea to get another bottle just in case. As I stood n front of the wine wall, I hemmed and hawed over which wine looked good. This particular grocery store doesn’t have a great selection. I picked up a nine dollar bottle of Italian wine.

Out of nowhere, there was a man about five feet one with a container of take out food in one hand and a vanilla wafer in the other saying, “Muy buen vino.”

I turned from my dream like wine purchasing state with what must have been a “Whaaa?” look on my face because he said, “Good wine. Muy buen vino. ¿Hablas español?”


He proceeded to tell me that it was a good wine because Italian travels well. He also told me about Malbec. It being my favorite, I told him that I loved that particular wine.

“Oh, sabes de vino entonces.”

We stood there for about fifteen minutes and chatted about wine. I found out he’d worked for a lot of restaurants in his lifetime and that I’m able to find Malbec in grocery stores around Montrose is because there is a huge Cuban community. He was partial to Argentinean wines because he is from Argentina. He also told me that if I approach my studies like I do my wine, I will do great.