Wine Talk

I went to the grocery store after work today to pick up some last minute ingredients for a dish I was making. On Monday, I bought a bottle of wine, and I was down to one glass. I thought it would be a good idea to get another bottle just in case. As I stood n front of the wine wall, I hemmed and hawed over which wine looked good. This particular grocery store doesn’t have a great selection. I picked up a nine dollar bottle of Italian wine.

Out of nowhere, there was a man about five feet one with a container of take out food in one hand and a vanilla wafer in the other saying, “Muy buen vino.”

I turned from my dream like wine purchasing state with what must have been a “Whaaa?” look on my face because he said, “Good wine. Muy buen vino. ¿Hablas espaƱol?”


He proceeded to tell me that it was a good wine because Italian travels well. He also told me about Malbec. It being my favorite, I told him that I loved that particular wine.

“Oh, sabes de vino entonces.”

We stood there for about fifteen minutes and chatted about wine. I found out he’d worked for a lot of restaurants in his lifetime and that I’m able to find Malbec in grocery stores around Montrose is because there is a huge Cuban community. He was partial to Argentinean wines because he is from Argentina. He also told me that if I approach my studies like I do my wine, I will do great.


Gwen said...

That's hilarious.

Were you at Kroger on West Gray, by any chance?

La Brown Girl said...

Nah, I was at the Fiesta on the SW side. I also had a man in his late 30's standing very close to me in the checkout line. His eyes couldn't see anything except my boobs.

Gwen said...