¿Qué ondas esos y esas? How have ya’ll been? I hope well. I’ve been here…doing nothing really. I haven’t done more then 53 pages of reading for my classes. Yeah, it’s spring break.

I slacked off all last weekend. I went to the beach, to a friend’s house for dinner, watched some movies (among them 21 Grams…finally!), read some great blogs, and attended my writer’s group meeting. Since it is now Thursday, I plan to buckle down and get to work so I don’t pull all-nighter’s like I did last week. This afternoon, after court, I plan to do just that.

The dog is back in the house. I didn’t realized how much I missed her until now. She’s such a lovable idiot. It wasn’t until last night, at about eleven, that she let me know that she missed me when I rubbed her belly. She just laid there and let me rub away and gave me that special look. Yeah, it’s all in my head I guess.

Anyway, oh yeah, court today @ 3 pm for a speeding ticket and not having my license plate attached to my front bumper which has been “a law since the 1800’s” (Cop who gave me ticket monologue). Yep, there is an example of Houston’s finest. Thank God policing doesn’t…wait…nevermind.

I have two other pieces of news that are in no way related. The first is that I’ll be reading at the XVI Border Symposium, well, that’s the wrong name, but humor me here, it’s 4:34 AM and I just can’t go back to sleep thinking that I still have to attach a damn license plate. Anyway, I submitted this piece called La Gata and I got the e-mail last night that I could read. I’m taking some JD in my suitcase to chug before I read so I don’t sound like a goat. The other piece of news is that I’m going to be an aunt for the 10nth time. Yes, yay! But at the same time, chale homes! I wish it would have been my sister, but it’s my brother with his young wife (the girl is younger than me and Jorge is 9 years older than me!). I just hope she has a girl and that she doesn’t act like it’s the end of the world if you touch her without washing your hands.

Bueno, los dejo, que se la pasen bien.

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cindylu said...

Hey! Congrats on getting accepted to read at that symposium. Sounds cool. Oh yeah, I don't have a license plate attached to my front bumper, but it really is the norm in Cali. I lost it after an accident and didn't even realize it was missing until my dad told me. Doh!