I very well could be working on the two midterms I have to complete by Wednesday and Thursday, but what’s the fun in that. Instead, here are the things I have done to take my mind off such hideous tasks:

Made myself fried eggs: approximately 20 minutes (preparation and consumption) I fried them in a little bit of olive oil. When I say a little bit, I mean like a tablespoon. I accompanied them with that Mrs. Brairds nutty bread that I just love. I toasted it too so it’d be like the breakfast my oldest sister used to make me when I was four.

Called Daniel: exactly 104mins 16 secs Right after I indulged myself with this spectacular homemade breakfast, I called him knowing that he’d probably be sleeping because he’s not working today so he probably stayed up all night. In any case, he was glad to hear from me.

Online surfing: approximately 2 hours I’ve been googling some of my issues. I found nothing interesting.

Ate Snickers Ice Cream: don’t know amount of time since I was surfing the net. I ate a lot of it right out of the carton. It’s yummy.

Took a shower: approximately 20 minutes. I decided I would indulge in my ever fragrant jasmine and rose scented body wash that I only use when I work out. However, when I was squirting in onto the poof, I found out that I had grabbed the body lotion instead of the body wash. I was forced to use the regular old body wash I always use.

Typed up this entry: approximately 15 mintues. I’ve been talking to Billy while I do it so that’s why its’ taken so long.

I don’t know how much work I will do. I mean, I do need to buckle down and work, but well, I think this headache needs some caffeine preferably in the form of a diet coke which will require ice from the freezer which means I’ll have to refill the ice trays. Also, I need some lunch. I intend on eating tuna, but I like mine with diced jalaps which means my hands will need to be washed numerous times. I also need to throw out all the dead flowers around the apartment and make my bed. Oh, I almost forgot about the sheets in the dryer that I must fold today. I also need to wash some clothed.

I figure I’ll waste another three an a half hours before I start working on these damn midterms. I have serious issues.

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