Mushed Brain and Unveiling a Secret

I just watched four and a half hours of Introduction to Communication Theory DVD’s, great fun! My brain feels like mush. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m either getting a cold or allergies. I did fill out more than half of my review sheet, so score for me. Now, all I have to do is write two papers and short response paper to a reading I did long ago.

Anyway, I was keeping this under wraps because it seemed so surreal, but since it is the eve of, I must share. Tomorrow evening, I will be dinning with…drum roll please…the one, the only, French-born Mexican Elena Poniatoska. I feel like I mentioned it before. Anyway, how did this come about? Well, this Thursday, Alicia Gaspar de Alba’s fictionalized account of a Juárez murder was pre-released in El Paso. The novel is called Desert Blood. Anyway, my sister went to the events and to I guess sell copies of the novel. Meanwhile, the Houston Inprint is having its Brown something or other readings and is bringing in Judith Ortiz Cofer and Elena Poniatoska. Well, Cofer is getting all the attention from the haughty UH Creative Writing Program, and Poniatoska was sort of being pushed to the side. So, the Modern and Classical Languages Department took it upon themselves to do stuff with Poniatoska. Since my sister is one of the Spanish professors, she planned a dinner with the students and asked if I would like to go. So I am to pick up Poniatoska and drive her to dinner as well as to our class on Monday. She’s also doing a guest lecture in my Latino Lit class. Can you believe that? It’s surreal. I hope I don’t get too nervous and ramble like an idiot or say nothing.


cindylu said...

Wow. Okay, this is the Spanish minor coming out in me, but I'm so jealous. I would probably blather like an idiot. I had Gaspar de Alba as a prof and got to know her a little more through the Chicana/o Studies Center. I don't think she liked me.

La Brown Girl said...

If you believe in karma, the Fed Ex people don't like her (G De A). We had a hell of time shipping stuff to her.

Cracked Chancla said...

That is so cool. I met Elena--for like a minute while she signed my book--when she came to Chicago, she was so nice. You will have to tell us all about it.