I Called in Sick

I took the day off. I felt really guilty about calling in sick because although I have the headache from hell and my stomach feels like I just got the worst news possible, I still feel like I should be at the office.

Even though I’m often told that I work more hours than I get paid for and no one ever tells me anything if I need to take some time off, I still feel bad. I called Daniel before I called in and he convinced me to call in and try to go to the dr. I didn’t go to the doctor, but one out of two ain’t bad.

My sister has called me twice. I haven’t slept much, the aspirin aren’t helping and lunch didn’t help either. Anyway, don’t buy any wine from the Fiesta on the SW side of Houston and listen to the optometrist when s/he tells you to wear your glasses all of the time.

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