My nerves are on edge. I have that test in a couple hours and even though, last night, when I went over my study guide, I knew about 95% of the info, I’m still really nervous. I always get so nervous for these damn things. I hope I don’t walk in there and forget it all.

Anyway, I’m writing on this fin morning because these are my last hours as an “I live alone woman.” Well, I know I have a roommate, but still. This evening, I’m flying up to Dallas to meet Dan the Man. Excited? Yes.

I can’t help but feel like I slacked in this whole process. I mean, I’ve been with him for years now, but it somehow feels like I should have had some wild orgy or something as a “going into shackdom” gift. I guess it’s because things are so marked between us. I’m sure if we’d been living in the same city this whole time, the transition would have been slow. He would have left a toothbrush, then a shirt, later a pair of shoes, his favorite mug, one of his football jerseys and so on. I’m a little nervous because there’s a whole new cast of characters that I’m going to meet, like his best friend of years and his oldest sister.

*Attention Cracked Chancla*
I would like to thank you for making me write about meeting Poniatoska.

Bueno, I gotta go to the post office, my graduation invitations are in. Que tengan buen día.


cindylu said...

Hope your test went well. No te pongas tan nerviosa.

Cracked Chancla said...

no problem brown girl. congrats on your graduation and move...so does this mean that you're moving to dallas?

Gustavo said...

You met Poniatoska. Very impressive indeed. When I met one of my fav authors, John Ross at Fresno State I began to sweat when I was talking to him. Anyhow, lucky you!

La Brown Girl said...

Thanks Cindylu.

Cracked Chancla, he's moving down to Houston with me. We drive down tomorrow.

I definitely know what you mean Tavo. It's all pretty nerve wrecking.