The Look

As I have mentioned before, I have been with Dan the Man for about four years now. We’ve always had an LDR. Last Friday, while we were sitting at El Fenix having dinner with his family, I looked around the table and realized that I was the only Chicana at the table. Actually, I was the only minority (if I can call myself that) at the table. I also, finally, realized that we’re an interracial couple.

On Thursday, as I walked to my car with some of my classmates after a presentation by one of our professors, one of the girls mentioned seeing that professor with a white guy. The other girl said, “She’s betraying us!”

I felt like saying, “I’m betraying you too.”

But I didn’t because I don’t think I’m betraying anyone. It’s not like I’ve never tried being with a Chicano or a Latino. I’m not with Dan the Man to “better the gene pool.” I’m with him because I love him and he makes me happy and I shouldn’t have to explain it to anyone.

However, it is sort of weird getting “the look.” You know, they look at you, then look at him and then at you and their face goes “huh?” I got that look at least three times this week and another time it was done verbally. Or maybe they’re just looking at us weird because I was wearing my custom made “Big Brown Girl” or “Mexican Jumping Bean” t-shirt.


Cracked Chancla said...

hola brown girl. there is a cafe in chicago named 'the jumping bean', i know they got some bad rap when they first opened. but i digress, like the tagline on your blog says, being brown is more than skin deep. you are never going to make everyone happy. you should just worry about what makes you happy. also, people should understand that there are certain restrictions that cannot be place upon the heart.

Daily Texican said...

yup, it sucks but I've been guilty of doing a double take at an inter-racial couple. i think i sometimes even did it when i was in an inter-racial relationship.

cindylu said...

I always felt really self conscious when I was with my ex (I call him the Redhead) and we'd be in a Latino neighborhood. I wondered especially what the men thought. Did they think I was a vendida? I never brought this up with my boyfriend because I didn't think he'd understand and think I was bugging about something that wasn't a big deal.