No mucho que decir

It seems as though my computer at work doesn’t want me to update. Every time I try to pull up blogger, it freezes or does something weird. I could try to figure it out, but I really shouldn’t be working on this at work anyway. Bear with the font and all because I can't change any of it.


Anyway, I’m going through this period of thought at the moment. I’m seeing all these things in school, life, and work and my little mind is trying to pull it all together. I find that during these periods, I either write a lot or don’t write at all, and right now, I’m doing the latter. But don’t despair; I’m searching for a subject in which the outcome will be coherent.


Sometimes, I’m tired of being “the other.” Sometimes I just want to look like one of those generic brands at the store, and I don’t mean the Country Hill Brand, I mean like the yellow with black lettering Shurefine or the white package with black lettering kind. I want to be Jane Doe. But then, when I think about it further and I think about how I would be, how I would be bland without any kick or hint of jalapeño, I’m glad I am “the other.”

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