UH Students Shortchange Themselves

I was sitting in class scribbling away on my new notebook waiting for the prof to arrive. I had my headphones on. I was the only one in the classroom because on Tuesdays and Thursdays I always arrive about an hour to an hour and a half before my class begins. Ten till, this lady and girl walk in. The girl asked the lady, “Did you read?”

“No. I just didn’t have time.”

“Me neither. She gives us so much to read. I’m taking 17 hours! I thought this would be a blow off class.”

“I know. Well, I told Cano I was taking this class and he said she was going to be hard because she went to Harvard…” I didn’t want to hear their bitching and moaning so I drowned out their complaints with El Gran Silencio’s Chuntaro Style and besides, it was Stanford not Harvard.

Later that day, before my U.S. Pop Culture class started, I was in my nook being insulted with the strong scent of cigarettes and sweaty man smell when the wanna be Brit invasion sporting the Sergeant Pepper hat and Mr. I’m too cool for school guy began discussing reading requirements.

“Yeah, I didn’t read,” said Brit Invasion.

“Me neither.”

“I’ve read one article for this class. I hate history.”

“Hahaha, I’ve read nothing.”

I know being related to a professor changes my perspective on things. Yeah, sometimes I’m lazy and I slack off and don’t keep up with my reading, but I make it up. And besides, the worst part of it is when you show up to class and you have no idea what they’re talking about because you didn’t read. But that’s not the true root of the problem.

The true root of the issue is that if UH students keep acting that way, people will continue thinking of UH as a community college. I don’t think that’s fair to our professors who bust their ass getting PH.D’s and doing endless amounts of research to put together a syllabus that will enhance a student’s knowledge. I don’t want these slackers weighing down my degree because I have put forth my best effort to attain it.

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