Planning a Wedding

Next month will make a year since Daniel proposed. Within that year, his aunt got married after dating her husband only two months and my brother got married after dating his stupid wife for the same amount of time. What have we achieved? We’ve set a tentative date of “sometime in October.”

When I read online journals that have months planned to the exact minute in regard to wedding preparations, I laugh. At least four times a week, I’ll receive an e-mail from The Knot offering me boxes of mini bottles of bubbles, Bride t-shirts or advice in regard to in-laws and other hair pulling wedding issues, I immediately dump them in my trash.

I haven’t totally sat on my ass about all this. I have some money in the bank for it. My co-workers have already offered their cake decorating services. Actually, they said not to worry about the cake. I found a site online where I will buy the flowers for my bouquet. My sister has offered her house for the shindig afterward, although I plan on going out to lunch or dinner with the handful of guests. Today, I found a pack of 50 invites for $20. I also have an idea of what kind of dress I want.

I never really believed my sister when she said I was laid back, but I guess I am. I mean, I don’t exactly have a place to actually have the wedding, but I'm not spazzing. I was planning on doing it outside or at the University. Originally, I wanted to go to New Orleans, but who knows if we’ll get to take time off for the wedding and besides, I do want some of the people I know from here to be there. The ladies I work with at the press are my Pancha and Rosalie.

When I got an e-mail from MyKnot that read: 8 months to go! I didn’t realize that it’s ONLY eight months! And pull out my to do list and calendar and worry about being able to finish all those tasks. I’m in no rush. My wedding day will not be like any other day, but it won’t make me tear my hair out. Besides, shouldn’t these events reflect the personalities of those being celebrated?

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cindylu said...

Yes, they should.