Home Alone

I guess I really shouldn’t be talking about this on the internet in case someone is stalking me, but given that I’m not as famous as Alicia Valdes-Rodriguez, I feel safe saying this: I’m home alone for the next month.

I’ve been alone since Sunday night. I don’t exactly feel any difference. I have been sleeping a lot less, but that’s because I was in high gear procrastination so now I’m catching up with the papers, reading and studying for exams. I did put the television in my room. It’s nice to lie in bed and watch TV. I can leave the door to my bedroom and bathroom open without having to worry that the dog will mosey on in and chew on a shoe or bookcase.

In any case, this is the first time in years that I’m alone. For most of my high school career, I lived alone. My mom had a job where her hours were midnight to midnight from Monday thru Friday. The only other person at home was my brother who was working and going to school full time. He would come home when I was leaving for school and leave for school when I was getting home from school. Most of the time, we didn’t see each other, not even on his days off.

I don’t think this quick jab at “true” independence could have come at a more perfect time. This is the last month before the shacking up happens. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing it right, living my life like it’s any other time. Shouldn’t I be having wild parties or hanging out at bars until all hours of the night?

Not really. I mean, I could, but either way, I’d still call Daniel when I got home. Sometimes I do worry that having him around all of the time is going to drive me up the wall. During the raging hormone period of the month, I probably won’t want to come home to see him sitting on my bed playing Madden. But in the end, I know there will be days when I get home and will be glad to be greeted with a hug from him.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my month of eating hummus and pita chips for breakfast and cereal for dinner, leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight, turning on the air conditioner at whatever setting I want, listening to whatever music I want whenever I want, and watching PBS documentaries in the middle of the night.