Jukebox Jive

I think it’s the weather that gets me into this funk. The sun shines like Budha’s belly making me think that tomorrow will be Spring, but the next day, the clouds are back and with them, the icy wind that stings your skin with its touch. I never used to be this way. I liked clouds and rain, pero ahora, no se que me pasa. Well, I’ll just have to weather it. Yeah, that was lame.

I think I need some music to put me in the right mood; there’s nothing like the right tunes. This is especially true when you’re at a bar and find a few dollar bills or a five wedged in between ID’s, credit cards, debit card and receipts. So what are the songs I always pick?

Pennylane by The Beatles, when I was about twelve, one of my older brothers moved back home and slept in the living room. He had bought himself one of those console stereos with the big speakers. In the mornings, when he’d leave for work, he would leave this song playing on repeat. At the time, I hated it, but then I learned to love it.

No Tengo Dinero (con Juan Gabriel y El Gran Silencio) by Kumbia Kings, my family has always loved Juanga. My mom’s uncle was the one who taught him to play guitar. My brothers and sisters remember passing by his orphanage in Cd. Juárez and seeing him interact with the kids. All I remember is el Noa Noa and all the Juanga specials I had to watch as a kid. I love all his songs, and I think it’s cool the Kings pulled a P. Diddy.

La mesa que mas apluada, I know this is an annoying as heck song, but it always makes me laugh. When my sis and I were having our last meal together in Mexico City, the waitress at the restaurant began singing this song and my sister just held her head in agony. She had been the Mexico the month prior to our trip and it had driven her nuts.

Eres by Café Tacuba because this is one of my sister’s favorite songs.

Mediodia by Café Tacuba because this is one of my newer favorite songs from them.

Circulo de amor by El Gran Silencio, I like the part where the guys sings, “Solo besarte quisiera, quisiera, quisiera…” If my oldest brother could sing, that’s what he would sound like.

El Reloj Cucu by Mana, I think this is the sadest song in the world. When this album was released, I remember I used to listen to it on my walkman, the cassette kind; I’d rewind it about five times because it made me think of how things were at that time.

Hit Me by Molotov I think this is one of their best songs.

Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows this is one of my friend Billy’s favorite bands. He sent me an acoustic version of this song that I just love, but I still love this version and Billy.

Just Like Heaven, Friday I’m in Love, and Pictures of You by the Cure, when you’re with me, no night can be complete without these three.
I Can Still Make Cheyenne by George Strait I’m only picking one today. Anyway, I really like this song, too bad he doesn’t write them.

Como la flor by Selena, I used to listen to this song over and over as well because I used to have a crush on one of my brother’s friends and he used to like this song too. It makes me cringe when I think of the guy because a few years ago I had one of those “What was I thinking moments,” but I still like the song.

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights by Freddy Fender, I remember going to my Tía Lupe’s house for parties and there was always a Freddy Fender album played followed by Sunny and the Sunliners. Too bad I can't score a Sunny and the Sunliners cd.

Andar Conmigo by Julieta Venegas another song that reminds me of an incident in Mexico.

Desnuda by Ricardo Arjona this guy is a poet.

Who’ll Stop the Rain by CCR childhood memories.

Desperado by The Eagles for some reason, I’ve always liked this song a lot.

New Kid in Town by The Eagles, my sis’ favorite song by them.

Sweet Dreams by Patsy Cline, when I was a kid, my sis was a teenager. One summer, she got a job babysitting for this kid that had mental issues. To keep him civil, his mom got him cable with HBO, so he would watch TV all day. This was when my sis first saw the Patsy Cline movie. She recorded it and when the summer was over, she brought it home and would watch it a lot. One day, when this song started, she did the “Turururururu…” at the begining of the song and my mom yelled from the kitchen, “íChavala cabrona! ¡Cáyate!”

Neon Moon I can’t remember who this is by. I don’t know why I like this song. It was released after the big break up in my family and yet for some reason, my sis, bro and I all like it. Every time it comes on the radio and we’re together, all three or any combination, all of know all the words.

I tried to think of songs that would be on the jukebox, but of course, I picked from the files on my mp3 player. ¿Y tú? What would you pick?


mariposatomica said...

Hey you picked some good jams! Music is the best cure for winter blues. I practically live in antartica so I can totally relate.

cindylu said...

I like this one. Great picks. If I was in the bar or diner with you I'd be happy with most of those songs (except the sa-sa-sa one, sorry). I'll get back to you on what I'd pick.

La Brown Girl said...

An afternoon of shopping also does wonders Mariposa.

I'll be waiting for your reply Cindylu. :)