No, the Latino Lit version

Ok, I’m totally gonna pull a Daily Texican y le voy a copiar a la Cindylu. My twist on it is that it’s the Latino lit version.

No, I don’t live in a purple house in San Antonio, Texas. I did not move to the southwest because I need to give a voice to the people that live here. I did not turn my back on the people who helped me out when I first started my career as a writer. I am not Sandra Cisneros.

No, I did not win the Mármol Award only to have my book edited by a gringo who does not know how to conjugate in Spanish. I am not Lorena Lopez.

No, I do not hold meeting to antagonize a certain Hispanic Publishing house. I am not Gary Soto.

No, I do not have to prove that I’m a macho through my writing. I am not Dagoberto Gilb.

No, I do not want to be the great Latino thinker. I am not Richard Rodriguez.

No, I do not sell my book for a ridiculous amount of money only to watch it flop when it is released. I am not Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez.

No, I did not copy Luis Valdez’ acto. I am not the guys from Culture Clash.

No, I do not totally ignore people criticism of the white sheet being too obvious. I am not Daniel Chacón.


Gwen said...

Ooh, that was cold.

cindylu said...

What have I started?! Cool twist.

Daily Texican said...

yea, this was pretty damn good.

Cracked Chancla said...

interesting. you have shed a new light on some of these authors.