More Talk of the Zoot

Last night, I was talking to Daniel and he mentioned he may actually wear a zoot.


Yeah. He only wants to do it because it'll piss off his step-grandfather. Daniel was talking to his aunt Tamanda (I don't know what's up with the names, guess it's a redneck thing) about the zoot. He said I was into all that stuff because of the legend that the chuco's en El Chuco started wearing them first and Tamanda was like, "What? You mean she's from Mexico?"

"Yeah," replied Daniel.

"No wonder she wanted out. I've been there..." he summed it up with her saying it's violent, blah blah blah. Her comments are a whole other entry I don't want to get into right now.

Anyway, Dung, I mean Don, but in and said, "She doesn't know the real history or else she wouldn't want you to wear one."

To which Daniel replied, "Uh, yeah she does. That's why she wants me to wear one."

"No she doesn't. The zoot suits are associated with all the hoodlums and bad people."

This is when I had to interrupt his story. I couldn't help it. It was pissing me off too much. I said some not very nice things about Dung, but it's fair since he once called me a valley rat. While I talked, he googled the zoot suit and found some pretty interesting stuff that he printed out and planned to show Dung. I promised to send him some of the articles I have about it and a copy of A Gringo Manual on How to Handle Mexicans.

Bueno, I've missed half of CSI. Nos vemos al raton.

P.S. Anyone know how to do the accents on here or am I just gonna have to import from Word?

P.S.S. I found it lurking in the archives. I guess I should be more careful where I point my mouse.

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AnalisaGuzman said...

WoW! What a story! GEEZ! I am planning to show Luis Valdez's Zoot Suit to my students in an upcoming semester.