Yesterday, in my Pop Culture class, I had to pose as a Chicana Feminist. It was rather interesting since I think I’m the only Chicana Feminist in that class. Although this class is cross listed with the Mexican American Studies department, the class is full of those Indie film watching, museum rat, Peace Corp bound people. It’s rather interesting that at a university known for its racial diversity, this class is not particularly diverse.

Anyway, it was interesting because there is this one girl, whom I’ve nick named Ronald McDonald, who gets on my nerves every time she opens her mouth, but yesterday, she actually made a coherent comment. Most of the time, she says stuff in an attempt to portray a real life Pacey, and as Daniel would say, “Nooot Funnnnay!” Plus, it’s annoying how that man who looks like a cuervo produces a Snagglepuss laugh each time she talks. Yeah, it’s circus hour at UH Tuesdays and Thurdays from 2:30-4:00 P.M.

Life has been pretty uneventful. I’ve been doing a lot of catch up in regard to school so I’ve done nothing exciting. I have an exam tomorrow, the first exam of the semester in my Communication Theory class. I’m not too excited about it because it’s a distance ed class and as it is, I’m really bad about paying attention in class, so you can imagine what it’s been like watching a class on DVD. I can go back and watch what I missed while I made popcorn and took those ten minute naps, but I don’t feel like looking at my professor anymore. She looks like Jabba da Hut and she’s got the voice of a Southern Belle. That’s what I get for not crying for admission into the History of Music class.

I’m supposed to attend a Hispanic Literature conference after my exam tomorrow @ Arroz University. I’m not sure if I’m going because I will be arriving late. I guess it’ll be cool to interact with people outside my little UH world, but at the same time, that means being around some snotty academics. Then again, this is what I am studying so I might as well get used to being around them.


Daily Texican said...

yea, you should go. hey, who's your pop culture prof?

La Brown Girl said...

His name is Luis Alvarez. He's originall from San Diego. Did his B.A. @ UC San Diego and his Ph.D. @ UT. I think he has a book on zoot suiters.

cindylu said...

Did Luis get his PhD in Ethnic Studies? I wanted to do that program, but then I discovered the joys of higher education. Anyway, I need to play catch up too... no fun.

La Brown Girl said...

He got it in US History. Good luck w/ your ketchup.