I almost stayed another semester

I typed up an entry yesterday when I got home from school y la chamba, pero pos, no se vío. Nimodo. I have no idea what it was about. Orale, it was about the zoot suit and Dung, Daniel’s step-grandfather. Ya no tengo ganas de contar la histioreta otra vez.

Anyway, I almost stayed as a student one more year. My sister and supervisor had me all convinced about doing the teacher certification and then I could stay working at the Press, pero chale. I did my research and I have to take another semester of prereqs and that would mean graduating in the fall which means I’d be S.O.L. on a teaching job until the next year and I’d wouldn’t be going to grad school for another year. So I told my sister, who hasn’t really been spending time with me which is why she doesn’t know my plan, that I was going to take this year off, work, in anything and apply to grad school, try to publish and take some workshops here and there. Tambien yo pendeja, pa que les hago caso si ya tengo mi plan ¿verdad? Chinellas.

I did like the idea of staying in school, but really, if I want to go to grad school, shouldn’t that be what I pursue next? I plan to get a lot of the crap like essays and the GRE done this summer when I’ll most likely still be working at the Press. Well, if I don’t find a job before that. I figure with all my experience, I could easily land a selecetary job anywhere.

Bueno, nada interesante hoy. I have all these ideas boiling up but they always disappear when I sit down to write. Aye nos vidrios.


adela said...

i read the entry about the zoot suit. that's too funny about the gringo manual...lol.

cindylu said...

I really valued having the time away from being a student and getting to work a couple of years before grad school. Suerte!