A peek into Brown Girl's Bedroom

La Mariposa Atomica was curious to peek into our kitchens, but I'd prefer not to. Instead, I'll let her and everyone else, peak into my bedroom.

My 10 favorite things in my bedroom:

1. A photograph of Zacateros street in San Miguel de Allende, Gto., México. My friend Emily took this picture. I absolutely love it. I've framed it and put it next to my desk so I can look at it when I'm sitting there writing and need to escape.
2. The black and white 8”x10” Army photograph of my dad. I've always loved black & white photographs, but I especially love this one because my dad was so young. I never saw him young and without a beard. When compared to my brother Jorge's Army photo, he and Dad look almost identical.
3. Photo albums. Yes, I have a thing for photographs. I have tons of them, but very few are of me. Whenever I feel homesick, I flip through my photo albums and retell the stories to myself (outloud, if no one is around).
4. My mp3 player on my computer. I love how I can add songs to the playlist and never have to listen to a song I don't like or listen to any commercials.
5. Javi, my betta fish whose house is on the bookshelf across my side of the bed.
6. My pink Rey Misterio mask. Sometimes when I'm feeling extremely silly, I wear it around the house.
7. My down feather pillow Caro gave me for my birthday two years ago. Not only does it take the perfect shape, it blocks out any unwanted light and noise.
8. A post card my sis gave me years ago of a girl holding a crawfish saying, “You want me to suck what?”
9. The picture of Spongebob and Patrick my niece Linette colored for me. I have them up on the corkboard next to my desk.
10. My bookshelf that holds all of my books signed by the author. Well, it's not really a complete bookshelf, but most of them have really nice dedications to me.


cindylu said...

Spongebob and Patrick are so weird. I have a drawing of myself in cap and gown that was a graduation gift from my cousin/ahijada, Valerie. I love it.

mariposatomica said...

I'd love to see what books are on your shelf. Let's do the top ten books to read this summer!!

La Brown Girl said...

Patrick reminds me of one of my nieces. I remember seeing that pic in one of your entries Cindylu.

That's an awesome idea Mariposa. I'll dream mine up when I get home this afternoon.