Book Meme

Hah! Now isn't this a timely meme? I'll still post a list of the ten books on my summer reading list later today. Anyway, here's the meme.

Books owned . . .
Honestly, if I typed up a list, this would be one lengthy entry. Plus, I give a lot of them away. Well, I lend them out and sometimes never get them back. However, I will say that I own about half the title on the Arte Público Press catalog.

Last book I bought . . .
Dress Your Family in Denim and Corduroy by David Sedaris
I know this book came out a long time ago, but I always kept thinking someone would give it to me as a gift but no one ever got the hint.

Five books that mean a lot to me . . .
Chicano Chicanery by Daniel Chacón
Carry Me Like Water by Benjamin Alire Saenz
The Moths and Other Stories by Helena Maria Viramontes
En otra voz: Antología de literatura hispana en los Estados Unidos ed. Kanellos
From Out of the Shadows by Vicky Ruiz

Five individuals to provide their own list . . .
Cracked Chancla (whenever you return)
El Daily Texican now Seatlean

*I'll fix the links when I get to my casa, macs are a little weird

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