Last night was a bad night for me. I stayed up until this morning. I believe I finally made myself go to sleep at 5 AM. All day, I’ve been dragging. I knew a nap would really help, if only I could make myself take a nap. I was flipping through channels trying to find something entertaining yet mind numbing enough to make me fall asleep. On MTV, there was some show that talked about pranks kids did in high school. I was sucked in to this show. I believe I saw two episodes, and at the end of it, I was fuming.

In one, this group of guys and a girl that plotted to shut down the school for a day. One of their friends’ mom, who worked at the school, handed over her keys to them so they could get inside to make phone calls and even game them the secret password needed to cancel school. They got busted and as a punishment, their mothers were to go to school with them. Two of the mothers ended up in the same class. They began talking during instruction and thought it was funny that they’d upset the teacher. They all thought it was a huge joke and that their kids had pulled off a great prank.

Then, there was another group of kids that took over the senior and faculty parking lot. They forced the faculty to park in the junior parking lot. When the pulled up to the group of kids (apparently, they’d gotten the entire Senior class to participate), they would jump on their cars, bang on their windows, squirt water at them with water guns, and tell them to go away. Only after school had started did the district police show up.

Being on the other end of this, it really upset me. It baffles me that parents and society wants to place all this responsibility on teachers and then allow behavior like this. These kids were proud of what they had done. I understand where they’re coming from, but this isn’t anything to be proud about.

I know that if I had pulled some kind of prank like this, my mom would have skinned me alive. I would have been grounded, and my school would have probably pressed charges.


MsAbcMom said...

I caught part of this show today and it disturbed me greatly. When and why has parenting (for some kids) gone downhill? I can't imagine even thinking about doing those kinds of things, much worse, having my parents help me do it.

Elenamary said...

they are always a bunch of privileged kids with privileged parents and no clue.

La Brown Girl said...

I don't now Kelly, pero something needs to be done. What ever happened to taking our parent's advice. I hope that IF I ever have kids, I'll pass on the importance of manners and respect.

Elenamary-Yeah, most of those kids were privileged. It really sucks too, they continue to feed this stereotype of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Boohoohoo, it's just a show. Let kids have fun, Teachy-teachers.