CNN You Tube debate

I was unaware of the debate yesterday. Since I haven't been on You Tube in a while and CNN is not my preferred news channel, it sort of makes sense. I did, however, see an article about it on AOL of all places. Fortunately, CNN is a cable/satellite channel which means reruns.

CNN is treating this thing like MTV treats all of their awards shows—there has been much dialogue, amongst their anchors and pundits, which has spawned from this. I only watched the post dialogue coverage because I was interested in seeing how they rated the different candidates.

One thing that they all keep saying is that it was such a great format and that it could be the wave of the future. Really?

I thought it was really cool that people were able to submit their questions via You Tube, but really, it was just another debate. It didn’t change my mind. They were all still up their in monkey suits and Hillary in her pink coat trying to appear “more female.”

They know better than us, what’s going on. They know what to say to try to convince people to gain their vote. My callousness is sort of surprising. Perhaps it has something to so with the fact that I watched Sicko recently.

I had a lot of hope that this upcoming election would bring the change that the country needs. However, I don’t know that anymore. Yeah, the question format was innovative, but is this going to make people who wouldn’t normally vote go out and vote?


Annette said...

I didn't watch the debate but I did watch Jon Stewart mock it relentlessly on The Daily Show. I'm with you on being disillusioned. So what did you think of Sicko?

Regina said...

(I'm glad you saw Sicko.) I watched the debate with friends and their main criticism was that it really wasn't a debate with people addressing each other's answers and it didn't even give everyone a chance to answer every question. Anderson Cooper sort of randomly decided who got to answer which question and some people got more airtime than others. But I did appreciate that anyone with video capability had a shot at asking the candidates a question. As in the 2004 election, my favorite candidate is Dennis Kucinich.

Regina said...

By the way, the CNN transcript does not tell how many candidates raised their hands to Anderson Cooper's question, "How many people here took a private jet or a chartered jet to get here tonight?" Every candidate raised their hand except for Mike Gravel and DENNIS KUCINICH! Yay, Dennis!

La Brown Girl said...

Annette-Sicko made me really sad. I became so disillusioned because I don't know that we're going to be able to fix our problems. Like Michael Moore said, our country has become demoaralized.

Regina-Yeah, I totally didn't like that Cooper randomly picked who would answer the question and it really bugged me that he'd stop the from debating. They should have called it a Q & A session. I also didn't like that Richardson was being so wishy washy about answering if he'd taken a jet to the location. When are we going to get a Latino in politics that doesn't make the rest of us look like hypocrites and liars.