After a two hour wait at the Saturn dealer and a long excursion through Harris and Montgomery counties, we finally found a place which seemed conducive to our activity for the day: fishing.

It was ironic to me that being in an area with so much water; we couldn’t find a place to fish for free. We weren’t intending on keeping any of the fish since neither of us really knows how to gut them and Dan the Man only has a vague idea of how to filet one taken some from memory and the rest from the packaging of the filet knife.

We finally ended up at the Sheldon Lake docks when I followed my instincts and turned right on a road. The only drawback of this lake is that it’s infested with alligators and water moccasins.

Despite the gators, heat, and not getting even a nibble, it was pretty neat. I learned how to cast my pole. Maybe next time I'll actually catch something.


Ktrion said...

My dad taught my nephews how to fish using an empty soda can and fishing line. And to always carry a set of nail clippers in case the rangers came by.

(Pinches gabachos stole our land and then charge us to fish on it!)

The Alpha Team said...

Wow! Took me FOREVER to figure out who this mysterious Brown Girl was! It's so good to hear from you! Thanks for the comment. Hopefully I'll see you guys in a few weeks. I plan on bringing the boys up there on one of those teacher prep days. Everything is in fact going great. Never would have imagined it but I LOVE being a mom!!! Take care and see you soon.