One of the coolest things this summer for me is that I've actually had time to watch movies. Normally, Dan the Man and I watch a movie a week, but having extra time off allows us to watch more, plus, it’s been raining tons so fishing, going to the beach, swimming, or taking a drive isn’t much fun.
Here is a list of what we’ve seen so far in no particular order:

Hard Candy-this was a really interesting film. It’s about an internet predator.
QuinceaƱera-I thought this was a little cheesy but kind of cool. A young girl is planning on celebrating her quince, but winds up pregnant. I love the character of the older uncle.
Alpha Dog-I saw the trailer for this last summer and had wanted to see it in theaters, but didn’t get a chance. I really liked this movie. I think Justin Timberlake did an excellent job in it.
Running with Scissors-I found a copy of Augustin Borrough’s copy at the Half Price Bookstore and had been intrigued with it since. I didn’t buy the book. Later, I did get another of his memoirs (Dry.). I thought it was kind or quirky and cool. I might read the book now.
Man of the Year-This was another one of those that I wanted to see in theaters. Dan the Man wasn’t too interested in it. The political commentary was good. I laughed quite a bit. However, if you’re not into politics, this might not be a movie for you.
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer-Ah, it’s aight. I liked the fist one better. The Silver Surfer was cool though.
Pan’s Labyrinth-I’d wanted to see this movie for a long, long time. I was so glad I finally did. I loved it.
Knocked Up-I was amazed at what a chick flick this turned out to be. I thought this was going to be more of a comedy. Still liked it though and I would watch it on video again because at the end of the movie there are bonus kiddie pics from the cast.
The Godfather-“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse” now I know where that line came from! I still think I like the second part better. Al Pacino was good looking when he was young.
Love Actually-Another chick flick. I really enjoyed this one though. I like when movies tell many stories at once.
Bobby-This was an excellent film about RFK. Again, this movie involved following many different character’s lives. Even though RFK’s assassination happened a couple decades ago, the issues still remain.
The Holiday-Total chick flick that had me gushing the whole time. I didn’t know it was possible.
Ocean’s 11-Mmm Brad Pitt.
Ocean’s 12-Mmm Brad Pitt again.
Ocean’s 13-Mmm Brad Pitt yet again. I liked all of the Ocean’s movies. Only in the movies do they convince you to cheer for the bad guys.
1408-I couldn’t wait for it to be over.
Blood Diamond-I’d read the abridged version of this film in one of many magazines Dan the Man likes to waste money on. *Spoiler alert* I was glad DiCaprio’s character died. I really hope it makes people stop spending insane amounts of money on diamonds.
Transformers-Tons of action, but there were some very disturbing remarks about women. Also, the Puerto Rican guy keeps being told to stop speaking Spanish and is wounded and never heard of again.

Here’s what I’m planning to see later this summer:

The Godfather III
Requiem for a Dream
Run Lola Run
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Almost Famous
The Queen
The Last King of Scotland
Music and Lyrics
(I’d like to see it, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen)
Hotel Rwanda
The Simpsons Movie
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
The Bourne Ultimatum
A Mighty Heart

I’ve also been reading. Maybe I’ll post an entry with all the stuff I’ve read.


Roni said...

You hadn't seen the Godfather? *thunk*

DITTO! On the Oceans movies. Mmm...Brad Pitt...*drool* And aren't THEY the good guys? ;)

As for your list:
The Godfather III (not worthy of the other two)

The Simpsons Movie (can't wait!)

Hairspray (sorry, can't do travolta anymore)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (YES! YES!)

Regina said...

Why don't you know if you'll see Sicko? It was excellent.

La Brown Girl said...

Roni-no, never seen it! I was totally missing out. I want to see Hairspray b/c I remember really liking the Ricky Lake one done some years ago. I want to see what they do with this one.

Regina-I don't know if I'll have someone to see it with (not one of those people that goes to the movies alone, yet). If anything, I'll see it on video (Netflicks rules!).

Annette said...

Wow, that's a really long list. I also really liked Quinceanera, Bobby, and of course Ratatouille. I read Running with Scissors, it was really disturbing. And you'll probably like Music and Lyrics if you liked The Holiday and Love Actually.

La Brown Girl said...

Cool, I can't wait to get it, unfortunately, it's a long way down on my queque. I think I'm going to move it up on the list.

Ktrion said...

Wow another recommendation for Pan's Labyrinth! You're like the third in a week! L* and I must be the only two people left on the planet who haven't seen it.

We have Bobby sitting on the table right now, so we hope to see it pronto.

I already saw Sicko (awesome: made us furious, made us cry, made us wanna kick some butt) but will I find anyone to see Harry Potter with?

I'm not thrilled about Travolta either, but I'm gonna see Hairspray. Christopher Walken, not playing a madman? and singing and dancing? this I MUST see.

La Brown Girl said...

I'd totally go see Harry Potter with you, Ktrion.