La Nostalgia

A couple years ago, on this day, I would have been in El Paso. It was a tradition to go all out for Halloween. When I still lived in El Paso, my brother and I would rush home on this day to finish the last minutes touches on the house. If I had a scanner, I’d share some pics with you all.

Halloween was when my brother and I bonded. He was the creative genius and I bought stuff and helped out with the building. When the actual day of Halloween rolled around, clad in black and eerie masks, we’d take our battle stations on the front lawn and scare every kid that dared to walk past the white wrought iron fence.

All this ended about a year ago when my brother became involved with the church and sold most of the Halloween stuff at a garage sale. It’s no longer a necessity for me to fly down to El Chuco and now all I have are the memories of Harrier St. Halloweens.


Cracked Chancla said...

my husband grew up in a home where his momma (due to religion) didn't allow him to celebrate any holidays. halloween is now his favorite of holidays. he's still adjusting to xmas tho. but things are still kinda weird with the one brother who still doesn't celebrate stuff--there's a lot of exclusion when it comes to planning. (sigh)

Ktrion said...

Wow, that's deep: Your beloved memories of Halloween and it just not being part of your brother's world anymore.

I was thinking about your story as I was walking through Oakland yesterday morning. One house was covered with spiderwebs, and they had made a giant tarantula out of trashbags. It was gripping the roof of the house.

another house had dead hands made out of popcorn.

cindylu said...

Aw. I'm sure there are plenty of kids who remember you and your brother scaring them so bad that they wanted to piss their pants. Oh the joys of Halloween.