It seems that Friday was immigrant day. There were tons of television shows that were talking about immigration. On PBS, they had UH Professor Dr. Nestor García, a reporter and two anglo-sangrona women talking about the issue of education illegal immigrants. It was really pissing me off what those two women were saying until there was a shot of one of them looking over at Nestor and seeing that the face he had was pissing her off like there’s not tomorrow. It was priceless.

Then after that show, they did a short piece on NOW about the tomato pickers’ union strike against Taco Bell. Then, my sister says that on Nightline, they ran the story that Cracked Chancla was discussing a couple months ago. You know the one about the kids from Arizona that beat out the top notch MIT engineers. I wish I would have seen it.

Speaking of education, yesterday I was busily reading away one of my summer projects at the Press when my sis, says, “Hey Georgina listen to what this Christy said, ‘I even surprised myself this year getting the $24,000 presidential scholarship to St. Mary’s University.’”

Christy is like that t-shirt that gets shoved to the bottom of your drawer because you wear the same ones all the time, so that particular t-shirt doesn’t see the light of day unless you’ve missed laundry day. Christy is my first “real” niece. Joann is the oldest of my nieces but my brother isn’t her biological dad. Christy was born when I was about eight years old, but my brother and her mom separated so I didn’t get to see her much. It sort of makes me sad to know that she was graduating and I had no clue.

Hearing about this scholarship made me feel real proud, but at the same time, I’m really worried. I mean, yeah, that seems like a lot of money, but St. Mary’s gives out what seems to be really good scholarships when compared to the tuition of state owned universities. If she has the option of leaving El Paso to attend school, I want her to take it; I just don’t want her to have to worry too much about working. Pero al fin de cuentas, I’m glad she’s planning to go to college.

¿Que mas les cuento?

I haven’t been updating much because when I get home from work, the last thing I want is to see the damn computer. I’ve been going to help out the Recovery Project because they’re getting ready to send in this huge batch of entries for the newspapers they have. As I’m entering corrections into the database, I’m making mental notes of the things I want to go back and read. It was awesome that an article about the Recovery appeared in Rumbo; it helped boost everyone’s spirit for this deadline. I get so excited about thinking how much this will benefit my future and the future of my colleagues. You’ll be able to go onto EBSCO and research El Clamor Público, La Prensa del Sur, Con Safos, and many, many other newspapers that the anglo-sangrones have attempted to keep hidden from us Latinos.


cindylu said...

Scholarships are nice, but working while going to school doesn't have too big of an impact on students unless they work a lot (like over 20 hours). Jobs on campus are cool too. I've been trying to look at the effect of working on Chicana/o and Latina/o students for one of my classes.

Cracked Chancla said...

damn, i missed that nightline episode.

anglo-sangron--cool word. did you coin the term brown girl? its the first time i hear it.

mariposatomica said...

That's great that your niece got the scholarship! Watching the Nightline episode on those kids that beat MIT made me feel so proud of their accomplishment. I agree with Cracked Chancla anglo-sangron is a cool word.

La Brown Girl said...

Chancla: actually, my friend JP's bf coined the term after watching Estar Guars. Like me, JP's bf fell asleep during the movie and said to JP, "Estas peliculas son para los anglo-sangrones."

My roomie has begun using algo-mamones as opossed to anglo-sangrones.

Cracked Chancla said...

algo-mamones! lmao....