Favorite Things and Wee Update

Cindylu tagged me many days ago, and I’m sorry for not obliging sooner. When I’d think about the list, that song used to pop into my head, you know, the one that goes, “These are a few of my favorite things.” I think it was on a Target commercial last Christmas.

10 Favorite Things

1. Listening to music I like, especially off a jukebox at a bar.
2. Reading. Now that I’m done with school, I made a massive list of books I intend to read during my school hiatus.
3. Writing. I don’t care if it’s on paper or on a keyboard, as long as I’m getting stuff down on paper.
4. Editing. I think this is where a lot of writers fail. My mentor has always said that to be a good writer, you must be a better editor.
5. My writer’s group. I’d never been in a writing group until a couple months ago. It’s so cool to be around other people who practice the same craft and can help you. More than anything, they are so encouraging and I love helping them out, too.
6. Blogs. I love reading blogs, especially by other Latinos.
7. Having coffee at Diedrich’s with my sister and roomie. Their iced teas and chai lattes always find a way to get the conversation rolling.
8. Work. I love my job at APP. I love working with the bad ass ladies in Production. They make waking up worthwhile.
9. Road trips. I love to fly, but somehow, road trips are always better. I guess I like them because I get to listen to music and talk.
10. My mom. Yesterday when she went back to El Chuco, I couldn’t help but cry. I didn’t want to cry because I didn’t want her to worry and I didn’t want to look like a pansy at the airport, but I couldn’t help it. A couple weeks back, my mom got really sick. She almost had a cerebral hemorrhage due to stress and I just worry I won’t see her alive again.

Now, I must tag three people, right? Ok, I tag
, Mariposa, & Cracked Chancla.

Big thanks to all of you who have been leaving comments the last couple of days. It’s awesome to be done, but this is just the beginning. Can you believe I’m already missing school? Freak, I tell you.

I won’t be around the next couple of days. I’m going to a writer’s conference in New Mexico. I’m uber excited because Alurista and Denise Chavez will be there. I think Rodolfo Anaya will be there, too. Anyway, I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes.


tumbleweed said...

jukeboxes!! good one!

I'm sorry to hear about your mami, I hope she's feeling better.

Cracked Chancla said...

writing groups are awesome brown girl. i wouldn't trade mine for another. enjoy the conference and let us know how it goes.

mariposatomica said...

Hey let us know how the conference is!! We hope to go next year. You and the writing group need to take a trip up to Chicago. Sangria and writing works well at our writing sessions;)

AnalisaGuzman said...

YEah, I wanna go next year with the chicas....they better not chicken out! hahahaa. Looking forward to your report.

poetaxingon said...

make sure you write about the conference.

cindylu said...

You make me want to get back into literature again.

La Brown Girl said...

eso me da gusto cindylu