In the midst of my complaining, I forgot to mention that the ceremony aside from the dumbass English chair was pretty nice. Dean Antel, the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, praised my pink hat. I was actually wearing the black cross on the pink background that represents las muertas de Juárez. My brother-in-law says that everyone was talking about “the girl with the pink hat and black cross.”

It was important for me to do this because I could have been one of them. I could have been found with a beer bottle up my anus and my face and finger tips burned off, but I was lucky. My brothers’ mishaps forced my family to emigrate and I was given a chance at a better life. Decorating my hat in their honor was the least I could do.

I was also happy to get a hug from my sister as soon as I walked off stage and one from Linda, my supervisor. I’ve received three floral arrangements. There was a party last night. That was tons of fun.

When I left for Houston three years ago, I knew three people, Gabi, Bo, and Carolina. I never imagined that by the end of my journey at U of H, I would have so many friends, so many people that care so much about me. It’s so nice and the immense gratitude I feel for that can’t be expressed. I must have a huge choir of Angels up there because I feel so blessed.

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cindylu said...

I can't remember if I have or haven't wished you congratulations. I didn't decorate my motarboard, but I really like what you did. I kind of get chills just reading that you could have been one of las víctimas.

On another note, I loved the graduations because our apartment would smell really nice and flowery with all the bouquets. My two roommates are graduating again. Yay for more flowers.