I hate titles

I’ve been extremely busy at Latino Publishing Inc. because I’ve been trying to clear off my damn desk. I want to get things pretty organized so that the person who moves in on my job when I graduate will find organized databases and neat files and all that good stuff. Oh yeah, and so that it’s nice for my supervisor too.

Anyway, for one of my classes this semester, I have to write a letter to the editor in regard to race and gender in current pop culture. I’ve been thinking about writing something about Latino influence in fashion trends. I looked up the Jesus is my Homeboy stuff, but that really pertains to the religious aspect and I’m not too thrilled by that. I sort of like how a lot of these rasquache companies like Naco Inc. are taking U.S. pop culture and running with it.

Anyway, the real issue of the day is that I submitted some stories for review for this online writing group I’m part of. I’ve gotten back two reviews and one of them was really rude. It included remarks like “Will someone put me out of my misery?” The thing that really bothers me about his comments is that he doesn’t seem like he even tried to understand what I trying to say. This story is a memoir piece sparked by a cleaning lady I saw at an AMC one day who reminded me of my mom. I empathized with the lady because I remember my mom cleaning and being tired and having to do it because she needed to provide for us. I know there’s a whole cultural difference because he lives in Europe, probably England, and he may not be exposed to this, but damn. This guy just joined the writing group so maybe he’s harsh with everyone. I still sent him an e-mail in regard to his comments; I think it turned out pretty good. He has not replied and I don’t think he will either. In any case, like Napoleon Dynamite would say, “Daaaaaaang!”

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