Hola/Hello. I suppose it's always a good idea to have a biography because then people can reference it if they happen to stumble upon your journal so that's why I'm writing one.

I had journal/blog/diary (whatever you want to call it) but I'm no longer going to be updating it. In the last year, my life has changed a lot. I got engaged, I traveled out of the country, I spent New Year's Eve with a Man, and I realized that I am a writer. Now, I feel that I'm at another stage of my life because near the end of March, my fiance is moving in with me, near the end of May, I will be graduating from college, near the end of the summer, I'll have to leave my current job because I am no longer a student, and in the fall, I'm getting married. For this and other reasons, I felt it would be good if I started from scratch.

I'm calling this blog Big Brown Girl because in essence, that's what I am. Although, I'm not very brown. In fact, when people see me, they think I'm white. I'm what you'd call an inside out Oreo, brown on the inside and white on the outside. All my life I've lived on the border of two cultures both literally and figuratively. I grew up in El Paso, Texas. I left in 2002 to resume my studies at the University of Houston and only then, was I able to learn the importance of my hometown and it's culture. I now enter this next stage of my life with a new eye glasses perscription.

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