Our Ass Has Hit the Floor

I know that as a woman and feminist, I should have voted for Hillary. But there is that part of feminist ideology that talks about helping all people, not just some. I also know that Hillary has a lot of experience. However, when I’ve been down in the slumps after watching Sicko (which thouroughly depressed me for a while), a long day of work battling a system that doesn’t work, reading lists of the deceased in the Iraq war, the only candidate that has been able to inspire hope in me again has been Obama.

Sometimes, it’s okay for the inexperienced to try their hand at something new. As my 9th Grade World History teacher used to say, “Once your ass hits the floor, you can’t go anywhere else but up.”


Annette said...

I thought about this for a long time. What's more important, the president as symbol, a person who can inspire the citizens of a nation, or the president as administrator, someone who can govern well in the day-to-day? Well, you know what I decided. The thing is, both are needed.

jp said...

i'm right there with you.

adriana said...

There is no hard and fast rule about being a woman or a feminist and having to vote for Hillary Clinton. This is what I hate about her campaign... she has tried to guilt other women into supporting her for because they have ovaries too.