Why going to the movies with me is annoying...

I can't take the suspense.
We went to see Eragon today and I couldn't contain myself. Halfway through the movie I said, "I hate this! I'm going home!"
I didn't get up and leave, but I did fidget throughout the rest of the movie. I pulled on my hair and cursed at myself for not having read the book.
If they decide to make a movie out of Eldest, I'm definitely reading the book.


Ktrion said...

If you listen to the audiobook, it's only 12 hours or so.

So, does the suspense quirk go for reading as well? Do you start reading faster and faster at the end of the book?

I guess I do, because when I was listening to THE GOOD HOUSE by Tananarive Due, by the last few chapters I couldn't bear it any more and ran into a Borders and pulled the book off the shelf and sat down and finished it.

Then I put the book back on the shelf, wiped the sweat from my upper lip, and went on my merry way.

Happy Holidays! It's raining in San Fran.mal

La Brown Girl said...

Oh, I'm terrible with books! If I get really curious, I'll read the last chapter before I finish reading the entire book.

I've also been known to loose sleep so that I can read "just one more chapter," and I'll dream about the characters.

It's raining here too. Grrr!