This is the hallway. Don't know if I mentioned before that we wrote the kid's names on the snowflakes. Also, can you tell what year this school was bult? Thank goodness we're getting a new building in a year or so.

Here is the showcase we worked on for almost a week. I think it turned out pretty nice, eventhough those damn snowflakes shocked me. It was my fault though. I was putting them up on a Friday afternoon and not thinking and I started stapling away while they were plugged in. Anyway, I couldn't get a full frontal shot because there was a wall in my way.


MsAbcMom said...

It is funny that you wrote about your school being old. It looks amazing to me compared to my school. It burns me up to see how neglected and old my school is when brand new, state of the art school are going up all around town. (ok - not ALL around town - only in the wealthier parts of town.) It is so unfair that the kids who already "have" get to learn int he lap of luxury and the kids who don't "have" have to learn in not as nice facilities.

Anyway...I could be on that topic all day.

Your showcase and hallways look beautiful!!!!

cindy said...

Your hallway has a lot more Christmas spirit than any hallway at my school :/

Sorry you got shocked. It happens.

GUSTAVO said...

That looks soooo nice. I wish I was as creative as you! I also wish that I was so politically correct and actually do christmas stuff...then again I kinda feel bad cause I have a lot of kids that are J.W.

Annette said...

Nice showcase :-).