El Paso was good. It was really nice to hug some of my family members and not have it be one of those courtesy hugs. Of course, there were a couple of people that I didn’t want to see, but for the most part, I stayed away from them.

My nieces are all growed up. They’re beautiful and all that good stuff that proud aunts always say. My nephews are darling. Ricky Ticky, the kid who stole my heart years ago, is still the most awesome. Richard, his older bro, is a damn good guitar player. It’s funny because he plays all sorts of old school rock songs. On one trip, it so happened there was a Heart cd in the cd player. So Baracuda comes on the radio and Ricky, having learned all these songs from his brother, says in the daintiest voice ever, “Baracuda!”

It was sort of disheartening to leave. I hadn’t felt that in a long time. I’d love to go back, but I can’t for another couple of years. Sometimes I wonder what I’ll be going back to. I mean, I live in a pretty awesome city where I have a ton of things at the tip of my fingers, but being here, I miss out on small moments. I guess I have a lot to think about.

School started today. It wasn’t too bad. The worst part was that my feet were killing me. It must be the shoes. I can’t seem to find some sensible shoes.

Yesterday, I had one of those Nelson Ha-Ha! Moments. I was making some copies and there were a couple of other teachers in there, among them was M., a fellow Latina, and the Racist. As it turns out, we’re all going to this out of town training in the same group. Unbeknownst to me, people were already claiming their roomies. M. tuned me into the whole thing by asking if I’d room with her and of course, I said yes. I like her, not only because she’s a Latina, but because I think we have the same kind of temperament. She’s really laid back and takes it all as it comes. Anyway, the Racist pipes in and says, “Well, I’m going then too.”

And M., who has not a single mean bone in her entire body, says, “Oh, well, maybe we can all room together.” But that ain’t gonna happen. I know its mean, but I’m sort of stuck for the moment so I rejoice in moments like this.

In New Years News, the only resolution I have officially made is to write more. I intend on spending and extra half hour after school to write. Well, I’m off to finish my seating charts. The kids got moved around the different classes so in some ways, some issues have been amended but other have popped up. All in all, I’m hopeful about this semester.


tumbleweed said...

my parents live in ELP too, I wonder if we're ever been in the city at the same time? hmmm...

Ktrion said...

Hey, Girl!

I was thinking about how lucky your kids are to have you as their teacher. I met four boys on the train (7, 10, 12, and 12) and they kept saying things like "I'm not smart. I'm dumb." --it just broke my heart!