The First Time I was Charlie

You are Franklin!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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Thanks to Ktrion for the link


EMC said...

I was Franklin too. I like him, and he's brown. :)

Roni said...


Who the hell is that? I guess that means I need to reread the comics.

La Brown Girl said...

EMC- that is cool that he's brown.

Roni-I vaguely remember Rerun.

Ktrion said...

Wow, you got Franklin!

I tried tweaking mine (in the hopes of getting a human character) and instead got ReRun (who even I don't remember, and mind you, I've read a lot of peanuts in my day!) who looked like a messy Linus, and then Schroeder. Gee, you'd think at least I could've been Five, if not Lucy!