Explained Absence

Due to a sad circumstance, I saw many people from the past today. One of the things that came up was this blog. "Are you still blogging? I haven't seen anything lately?"

"Yeah. Have you been writing?"

The last couple of years, I've been writing for work...lesson plans for the district, quite a few of them in fact. That kind of writing burns you out in an odd way. I used to think that I could do technical writing, but having written these lessons, I know that's not an option for me. I understood how some people go nuts from writing. I half expected to be discovered sitting in the middle of my home office eating pages from the TE of the Literature book, wild-eyed, and instructing imaginary kids to make a SHUTTER fold.

I have still been reading a lot of YA Lit even though my Reading teacher days are, for now, in the past. Oddly enough, I dedicate my time now to teaching writing. Don't get me wrong, I write with my kids still, I just don't write at home or on my blog. Instead, I read and listen to podcasts.

Truth is though, this past year, I was getting my life back. For seven years, I'd put work before everything. Last year, I was able to put work second. I didn't grade most weekends. Work stayed at work when I left. It was nice, really nice.

I've considered ditching this and starting over, but I haven't made a final decision. In the meantime, I think it's time I get back on the bandwagon. We'll see how it goes.

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