It's funny how as we grow older, waking up early becomes an everyday thing. As much as I love to sleep, I know that if I don't wake up early on the weekends the work week is going to be utter hell.

I went outside this morning and I saw some intersting things:
  • The boxer that the old man walks around on a short leash was having a ball running around the apartment grounds off his leash. I didn't even phase him, he just kept running. He reminded me of a kid.
  • The truck that's always double parked or too far up the sidewalk had a 310 written on the window. Deep down, I hoped it's because it was towed because its' owner is an inconsiderate jerk.
  • The weather was delicious. It was slightly cool. No need for A/C this morning. It made me long for a Pumpking Spice Latte and my b.f.f.
After mass this morning, I might go spend time in a coffee joint so that I can force myself to do some work on this side project. I thought I was going to do some school work last night, but as it turns out, the book I needed is most likely at school. It made me giggle because every time I run into fellow colleagues from other schools, they always say, "I do not take any school work home with me on the weekends. I work late every night, and I'm not about to do it on the weekends, too!"

I work late and bring work home on the weekends, but I decided to give their approach a try this weekend and the universe decided to give me a hand, too.

I've got to do what I can to beat this burn out feeling. It's like two years ago all over again. I got over it then, and I know I will get over it this time. I just need to make sure I take care of me so that the casualties are minimal.

It does make me wonder how it is that those teachers who have taught for decades do it...

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