The Fate of Palin

As I thumbed through this week’s edition of Newsweek, I thought of what will happen to Sarah Palin when this election is over. 

Last night, an interview with Palin was aired on 20/20. In the intro, they said something about 60-something days. It was shocking to me that she’s only been involved in this campaign that few days. The other guys have been going on a year and a half at least. They’ve become a common character in my life. If I want to know what ‘s going on with them, all I have to do is turn on the TV, pick up a magazine or newspaper, or check my e-mail. 

Palin came on the scene and stole the attention like a bratty baby sister. McCain chose a woman for his VP pick! Sarah Palin is hot! She doesn’t know anything! Her daughter is pregnant! $150,000 was spent on her wardrobe! Etc.

Had I not voted already, I may have been more critical. However, since voting, I have been overcome with this overwhelming sense of hope. I did my part and so many people around me have, too and I have nothing to fear anymore. This isn’t ’04. I will not face election night with a knot in my stomach wishing for a fourth-quarter pipe dream.

So this morning, I wonder what will happen to Sarah Palin when she returns to Alaska.

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