Back when I was in college and still living at my sister’s house, Caro would often stay with me when my sister and her hubby went out of town.

One of those times, we were driving home from perhaps a usual Friday dinner when we noted the ominous gray clouds. It was summer; so of course, there was a chance of some sort of crazy weather.

She talked about the possibilities and mentioned a hurricane. All I could think about was that song that says, “El hura-can-can-can!” After a while, much like Homer, it got the best of me and I blurted it out.
Yesterday when the local, alarmist media began reporting on good ‘ole Eddie, people dashed off to Wal Mart making it seem like it was Christmas in August (bummer it wasn’t July!). I was surprised the even Target looked busy from the parking lot.

My school district closed (not like I was going to work anyway!), as did many non-essential businesses.

I was driving around doing some errands when my sister called. As usual, I didn’t hear the phone ring until the voice mail alert sounded. Retrieving my message, the first thing she said was, “El hura-can-can-can!”

It’s all good around here. It’s not an hura-can-can-can, but a tropical storm which is some wind and rain—nothing we’re not used to in these parts.

All summer long, I was wishing for a rainy day. I guess all my wishing built up into this storm.
As soon as I’m done with this, I’m planning to set down the lap top and settle into my recliner with my favorite throw blanket and a book.

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