I Kiss You on the Brain in the Shadow of the Train

I spent the evening in a quaint little coffee shop in Deer Park where everyone knows everyone’s name…seriously, the do. If they don’t, they know someone who does. That’s strange to me. People think that’s how El Paso is. Many have been shocked by the size of it.

Anyway, I was at this coffee shop because my friend’s band was playing. It was pretty cool. Their chai lattes are amazingly good. They’re better than very friendly college student barrista’s at the old peep’s Starbucks.

As I was sitting there listening to them jam out, I was sort of wishing I had my notebook. When I’m around creative people, their vibe rubs off on me. However, now that I’ve sat for a while playing Super Collapse 3 (I rock at the puzzle section, I unlocked more than half!), the muse packed up and took off. I hate how she feels like she can do as she wishes. I need to learn better muse skills.

What’s up with this weather? It’s actually been cold around here, like cold enough to turn on the heater. Insane.


Mariposatomica said...

Next time your muse shows up use a tazer;) Their is a book called pen on paper by Julia Cameron (also author of the amazing Artists Way) anyway it's a small and inspiring book on how to lure the muse into your life and keep her happy. Hopefully, it isn't -8 degrees where you are at. We are glaciers over here.

Annette said...

Actually, it surprises me sometimes to see what a "small town" El Paso is. Everyone seems to be connected, sort of like playing six degrees of separation.

Ooh, chai, yummy...