All in Small Doses, Please

As the time for final exams approaches, the headless chicken syndrome becomes the burnt out syndrome which means that you may begin to think, “Why do I have to do all this? *Insert colleague name here* isn’t doing all this s&%!, why do I? Seriously?” Also, certain become much more irritating. Usually, these are the ones that you couldn’t stand in the first place, so the irritability level has sky rocketed. This is why it’s good to only be around them for short periods of time. Unless of course, you’re stuck at training with them for seven consecutive hours or it would be against the law to just them to go home early because what seems like an opportunity for extra fun is loss of instructional time.

I’m holding onto the notion that in May, the fun will begin. Or is it just a small coincidence that the 6th grade field trip just happens to be the day after the Pre-AP End of Course Exams is given?

In the meantime, I’m trying to recall what life was like before I became part of the red apple, yellow school bus society.


Carmen said...

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Efrain said...

Don't let them consume you. Think bigger. Don't compare yourself to your colleagues. If you compare yourself to anybody, do it to people you look up to and respect, not people who may be trying to swallow you with bitterness. You are smarter than that. We all just need a reminding once in a while.

That life you think of before you became a teacher is still there. The easy part is to sit back and think of what once was instead of going out and living. This is where most people tend to live, in the past. If you do that, you will tend to miss everything that is happening in front of you right now. I always think of it like this; I choose to live life, not survive it.

On another note, I was in Houston this past weekend and thought of you. I had a soccer tournament at the BearCreek Fields off of Clay Rd from HWY6. Well our tournament got cancelled, so left Saturday around noon to RoundRock to meetup with my girlfriend and daughter where she, my girlfriend, was having a tournament as well. If such was the case where I stayed in Houston, I would've attemped to contact you to possibly hang out or at least get some recommendations on some of the best seafood joints in town.