ESPN vs Univision

In my rancho, these are the only two channels that show the World Cup games. Fortunately, I have access to both of these channels. However, when asked to choose, I prefer watching the games on Univision.
Le ponen mas color. Plus, aren't the commercials awesome? My current favorite is the Coca Cola one where the ice cube jumps out of the cup and is screaming, then he melts and says something like, "Siempre pasa lo mismo."
Any of you guys have a fave?
An aside-I finally figured out how to post a pic, as you can see. Dan the Man says I look funky in that pic because I look disproportioned.


cad said...

I love Univision too! It's the only way to go for the World Cup. . .those GOOOOOOOALLLS, are classic!

Vanessa said...

I'm watching on ESPN. It doesn't have the high excitement level that Univision does, but I can follow the commentary better.

My favorite commercials on ESPN are the Guinness commercials (BRILLIANT!!) and "Jose + 10"

cindylu said...

My roommate says watching futbol in english is just wrong. I agree.