The Guys and I

Since the sixth graders got the highest test scores out of all the grades, they were rewarded by a swimming trip to the nearby YMCA. But because of hormones and lawsuits, girls and boys go on different days. The way it turned out, I got put on the chaperone list for the boys. So today and tomorrow, I will spend the day with the boys in my homeroom and my buddy teacher’s homeroom class.

Because half the teachers would be gone, we would have to remain in homeroom until sixth period (which today was at 11:15 AM). To pass the time, I showed them the end of Selena.

It turned out quite nice because after the movie, we did end up having a short discussion. Most of them had seen the movie already and helped answer questions for those who had. We talked a little about Saldívar and what would happen to her if she came out of jail. It was a quite fruitful discussion.

Tomorrow should be a lot of fun for them. It’ll be cool to see them enjoying themselves. After all, they definitely earned it.


Cracked Chancla said...

i'm curious, what did they suggest would happen to saldivar if she got out of jail.

La Brown Girl said...

That she would be killed. Some of them said, "We should go kill her!"

Never under estimate the power of testosterone.

cindylu said...

Wow, I never knew there were such things as swimming on different days for different sexes.

Congrats on finishing off the school year. It seems to have gone by so quick!