A couple months ago, during one of my post-observation meetings, my faciliatator, said to me, "I think you're a great teacher and you have so much to offer to your students, but I'm afriad the harsh reality of the classroom is going to push you away."
At that moment, I thought, "Hah, you're crazy!"
But her words resonated in my ears this morning when the principal came on the intercom this morning and said, "We want SJ to be recognized! Do your best today!"
It took me back to my Wal-Mart days. It gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. Yeah, our kiddos have to produce, but not in this way. It further upset me that at 3:15 kids were sent to their 5th period class and we're expected to teach. What the heck are they thinking? You force a kid to sit for six hours and test, then read, and you don't allow them to go outside, stand up, or breathe and then you want them to go to a class at the end of the day to learn?
I took my class outside and we played Red Rover. All anyone talks about is TAKS, it's over now, so of course the kids think school is out. I think I'm up for a couple of challenging weeks. However, I think they might actually be fun. Goodbye TAKS prep packets hello Literature and Writing.
In other news, my heel is killing me. I decided to do something good for me and join the gym and either the walking around all day or the working out has irked something in my heel. It hurts like a mother to walk and at times, I get these excrutiatingly painful throbs.
I hope everyone had a happy Easter and/or Passover. I'm off to look for poetry lessons for the last couple of weeks.


MsAbcMom said...

OHHHHHH - lucky you. You are done with testing. Now comes the fun part of the year. Enjoy teaching the fun stuff and watch the kids enjoy learning!

I can't wait to be done with testing. As soo as it is over we are doing art and science and will end the year with and art show and science expo. I can't wait!!!

Vanessa said...

I admire your persistance in the classroom and with your students. Public school teachers have a tough job--and it only seems to be getting tougher.

Cracked Chancla said...

oh no your heel. take care of it. are you drinking enough water? i heard that heels hurt when we don't get enough water. maybe its time to splurge on new gym shoes. :D

cindylu said...

How much testing do your kids have to go through?