Are You Going to a Quinceñera?

Last Thursday, I wore a skirt to work for the first time. Since I have tattoos on my ankles, I shy away from capris, guachos, and skirts since it is school policy to not show tattoos. However, I felt real macha that day, not to mention, I got a pair of free panty hose in the mail and that was the day I was going to see Dolores Huerta and the Guerrilla Girls, so I risked the balls of my feet and wore my boots with a skirt.

The kids were shocked. Some of them walked in and were like, “Ms. you’re taller today.” Others walked in and just stared. One mentioned to his neighbor that I looked nice which he immediately reported to me and the rest of the class. During the last period of the day, there was a lone student who inquired, “Ms. are you going to a quinceñera today?”

It was amazing to see Dolores Huerta. I was giddy with anticipation the entire day. I couldn’t believe that after two cancellations, I was finally going to see her. Sadly, I didn’t get to be there for the entire session because the Guerrilla Girls would be taking the stage across campus at 7:30. My sis, ex roomie, and I all agreed that we should have ditched the Guerrilla Girls and stayed at the Dolores Huerta event. In retrospect, even though I didn’t get to hear her entire lecture, I’m just glad to have seen her.

A similar thing happened when Rigoberta Menchú was giving a lecture. I had to miss it because I had to be in a math class that I would be dropping later that week. However, that weekend, I attended LASA in Dallas selling books for the press. I went up to the room to get something and when I came out of the elevator, right in front of me, all alone, was Menchú. We looked at each other and smiled, and then a group of people consumed her with questions and requests as I walked off the elevator. Even though there wasn’t an exchange of words, it was cool to see her like that.

I am rather excited because this week, my students and I will embark on a literary journey. We will be reading The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963. Being that it is Black History month, I think that this book is very appropriate. I would love to have them read Y No Se Lo Trago La Tierra or something of the like, but I’m taking baby steps at la escuelita. I’m going to be doing an in depth study with them about the context of this novel. Luckily, I found this neat magazine on Civil Rights at the library and it has a ton of information on 1963. I’ve even downloaded some of the songs that were cool at the time to play for them. I hope they enjoy it.


Cracked Chancla said...

downloading songs to share to the class. that is so cool. if only school had been that much fun and interesting for me. *sigh*

Ktrion said...

Hey BBG!

After reading your post, I HAD to wear a skirt to campus yesterday. Even though the unseasonably warm front had blown away and the chill was back. I wore tights to cover mi pelitos.

No one asked me if I were going to a quinceañera, though, but I FELT like I WAS :)

cindylu said...

I love when I wear a skirt and people say "wow, you look really nice today" as if I usually look pretty bad. Anyway, I'm glad you had a good time.

MsAbcMom said...

Your post reminded me of my students. They too almost pass out when I wear either a dress or a skirt. Whoever sits in front of me during calendar or read aloud time always gets mesmerized with my nylons and starts rubbing my legs!

Gustavo said...

I got complements when I wore my hemp converse to school. lol

La Brown Girl said...

CC-My teaching techniques are affected by what I would have liked. I would have loved for a teacher do do this stuff for me. I love to let my students create things with paper, glue, yarn, and markers.

Ktrion-I'm glad my post persuaded you to wear a skirt.

Cindy-That is odd. It always makes me feel like I look real ghetto all the time. I'm sure this isn't your problem, you've got all those cool t-shirts.

Msabcmom-I had a student rubbing my leg one time. She thought my old lady polyester pants felt amazing.

Gustavo-Hemp Converse! Wow! I wish I could wear tennis shoes.

Daily Texican said...

Wow. Those are lucky ass students. I mean, with what you're teaching them and all. Maybe the boots too. Quien Sabe.