Mi PDAS es mañana

For those of you who teach, you know what I’m talking about right? For those of you that don’t, it’s that observation for which your teacher told you she’d give you candy and name her first born after you if you were the most darling kid ever when the principal or assistant principal was in the room.

As I was in my room planning for tomorrow, I could hardly sit still. I want things to be perfect.

I’m not necessarily worried about my students. They’re actually the least of my worries. They know exactly how to behave. I’m just worried we won’t have time for all the activities we have planned. I’m doing it first period, so at least I’ll get it out of the way really early. I’m sure tomorrow morning, once that 8:15 am bell rings, I’ll be in do or die mode.


emc said...

You will do fine! Just don't blog during class time! :D

efrain said...

I fa ll else fails dance like Ellen. lol

La Brown Girl said...

EMC- I couldn't blog, she sat at my desk and my kiddos were using my computer.

Efrain-She left before I was able to dance!