And so time just goes by . . .

I still don't have internet at my casa. Actually, at this point, I don't even have electricity at my apartment. There was this huge screw up and we had our electricity cut off on Wednesday and we won't get it back until this coming Wednesday. That's one week I won't be able to spend in my dang apartment.
School is going. I had a very informal evaluation on Tuesday and my classroom management sucks ass. However, the evaluator did tell my AP that I'm a "very good teacher." She liked how I made up examples using the kids instead of taking the books. That's pretty much my teaching style thus far, make it up as I go along.
After a week of lecturing kids on learning to be respectful to each other and me, I had one class still acting up. I ended up telling them that I was so disappointed in them. I told them that I thought things would be different and that I could do fun things with them, but they can't handle that. I also told them that I was going to change things, I didn't know how, but things were going to change. Then I said, "We have two minutes left in class, I can't even begin to cover what I was going to teach you. So you know what? Please put your heads down for the rest of the period. When the bell rings, don't get up, I'll dismiss you when your minute is up."
After the day was over, I set up my desks in rows. Things will be changing on Monday but I don't know how yet. I have some hope that they're going to change. Even though I get upset with them, I continue to stress that I'm really there for them. I think they'll get it eventually.
I miss the blog world. I can't wait until Saturday. Hopefully, by then, I can read you all's journals on a regular basis and update more often. Anyway, I guess I better get moving. I gotta go check into a hotel and pick up some junk at my apartment. I'm sure I could stay at my sis's house, but I want the damn apartment people to pay for some of this time I can't be there, it's their damn fault in the first place.


Elenamary said...

awww you need some big brown girl alone/free time.

Gustavo said...

Don't get down on yourself aight! It's them not you. Have you thought of setting up some type of privilage system? Maybe give students that are on task certain freedoms (restroom, water, etc.) Either way smile, things are probably a lot better then you think.

p.s. Get the parents involved..you're there to teach not to babysit. If that requires them being in class with their kid then be it.

Cracked Chancla said...

i'm sure your classroom management will improve, along with your kiddies behavior. glad to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy it's me Belinda! I was just clicking around, I forgot how I found you but I hope that you don't mind me reading. I'm so happy that you're working as a teacher!!! That's freakin' awesome man. Anyway just thought I'd say hi and glad everything is going well for you.