Dos noticias un post

Dear All:

I have two things to share with you . . .

The first is that I am officially employed. I got the keys to my room today. I’m going to have the clothesline in my room. I can’t wait to go in there and move desks around and create my reading corner and library. I also can’t wait to move my big ass desk to a less obtrusive place and put up all the things I’ve scored as door prizes.

The other news is that there’s someone new in my life. Her name is
Dori. You can view her here if you click on “Polar White.” Never in my life have I ever had a new one. I owe it all to a certain older sibling out there who always saves my ass. I really hope I can do something great for her soon.

Well, that’s all for now. I miss writing in here! But alas, I have to get to bed. Early mornings aren’t my favorite thing in the world.


La Browngirl


Efrain said...

Yeeeeeah,uh huh nice choice. Saturns don't require much maintenance at all. My mon has one and she's had no problems at all.

The body is nice too. I like the color of choice. It's a little harder to keep clean, but with the heat in texas, it shouldn't get as hot as a darker colored car. I'm happy for you and Dori. :-)

Looks like the start to a beautiful friendship.

Cracked Chancla said...

congratulations brown girl. its good to see all good things in store for you. i hope you will keep us posted on all your six grade adventures.

La Brown Girl said...

Thanks guys.

Efrain-It's definitely true about the white. But I think I get free carwashes and gas once a month. I need to research that.

I'll be sure to keep you all posted on my adventures CC. I really wish I had more time to just go hang out in my room and get some inspiration.

cindylu said...

Sweet! A job and a car. Well, you'll need something to pay the car note.

Gustavo said...

I want both of those things!! How do I get them!!!

mariposatomica said...

Felicidades!! A new job and some cool wheels. Can't wait to hear your adventures in teaching.

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